Hi - Is there a better way to connect an MX8 pool cleaner to the pump hole under the skimmer basket?  The stuff that came with my original cleaner is ver cumbersome, and I need to take the cleaner in and out once a week.


The problem is that whe I connect the Flowkeerper that comes with the cleaner, just filts fine in the inground pipe female inlet (to the pump).  I cant seem to insert the Cuff that comes supplied, as the inlet hole diameter is a bit small, but the Flowkeep just about fits though a bit loose but keerps in place with the suction created when pump is on.


The real proble is to connect from here to the MX8 hose.  I tried 45 and 90 deg elbows and what not, but its either too low or too high an angle for the hose to poke thru the skimmer outlet.

I can do with/without the Flowkeeper,  but would like to see if there is a flexible hose that can connect directly between the Cyclonic leafe cannister and the inlet pipe entry yo the pump.  If so, what is or are the connecting part numbers.  Thanks