Old Hayward DE-4800 Filter Lower Housing Cracked

  • Last Post 12 January 2022
Steve8100 posted this 09 January 2022

Hi, I have a ca 2000 Hayward DE-4800 filter and the lower housing has a crack in it.  It needs to be replaced.

My question is:  What filters have the same plumbing dimensions as my old DE-4800? My goal is avoid replumbing he multi-port vavle.  I would like to juse drop in the new filter and hook it up the multiport valve.

I've been happy wth the DE filter.  Minimal maintenace required over the years.


InyoRob posted this 12 January 2022

The Hayward Pro-Grid DE4820 uses the same valves as the older DE-4800. I couldn't find the distance from the ground to the center of the ports on the Micro-Clear, but pictured below are the measurements for the ProGrid DE4820. 12.5" from ground to center of the bottom port and 17.5" from ground to the center of the top port.