Old pool lighting - not sure what replaces

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Luisdan posted this 2 weeks ago

I am looking to replace this lighting to LED, however I have no clue what model I currently have. Can you help identify this and recommend new lighting options?


pool was built in 2003, this is a color lighting which I control with a light switch which allows to change color patterns (by turning off and on). It should be 300watta or leas as it’s connected to a 300watt inverter. I seem to think it’s a halogen light with a color wheel

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InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

We'd be glad to assist you. Is there a model name on the back of the light? What is the outside diameter of the steel face ring?

Luisdan posted this 2 weeks ago

I have not pulled light out, but it’s your standard pool size (not spa)

InyoRob posted this 6 days ago

Without knowing the make and model, we can only recommend one model of LED light. That would be the Hayward Universal Colorlogic Light. Check out model LPCUS11050. This is a 12v LED pool light with a 50' cord. If your light is not currently 12v, you'd have to add a transformer.