Pentair Whisperflo 3HP replacement pump?

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TheMike posted this 2 weeks ago

I've got a single speed Pentair 3HP Whisperflo pump that is feeding a large waterfall and pool slide. It just died after a long and happy life, but it seems like a crazy time in the "pool pump world" for it to go bad.

What do you suggest as a replacement pump?  To make things even more fun, I live in California.

I replaced the motor in the pump 5 years ago, so I really prefer not to just replace the motor, but that could be an option.



Service posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Mike,

If you live in California then the replacement does need to be a Variable Speed. My suggestion would be to just replace your motor with this 2.7 HP Variable Speed Motor and this Whisperflo Tune Up Kit. If you go this route if you could please post your exact model # information so we can confirm you don't need to change out your impeller.

The other option would be this complete new 2.7 HP Waterway Variable Speed Pump this pump is nice as it comes with risers so you can match up the exact plumbing port locations of the new pump to the old pump, so the plumbing will be very easy.

Thank You