Pool drain cover question

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Granbury posted this 4 weeks ago

My pool cleaner keeps getting stuck on the pool drain covers.  These are the new anti-vortex style, that stick up a lot.  My pool also has dual drains in parallel to avoid the trap hazard.  

Do I need the anti-vortex covers since I have two drains?  Interested in replacing them with flat drain covers so my pool cleaner can go over them.


InyoRich posted this 3 weeks ago

I would stick with the anti-vortex (VGB) Compliant drains - they are safer in spite of the fact that you do have multiple drains.  I would recommend something like the Polaris Unicover.  it allows most cleaners to navigate over pool drains.  They are not intended to be permanently installed, so it can be a little bit of a pain to keep installing and removing it, but it isn't too bad if your pool is not used much by other people.