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Mootz1 posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey I am looking at building either 21’ or 30’ pool 54” deep saltwater sand filter. Can I have you recommend pump, filter, salt clorinator, and liner and anything else I am missing? 


Thanks Justin 

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InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Justin - We'd be glad to assist you. Are you building an above ground pool? 

Mootz1 posted this 2 weeks ago

Yes above ground pool

InyoRob posted this 6 days ago

If you go to our above ground pool page, we have product suggestions for each size. Click on the links below. On the 21' sizes,  click "customize" next to the pool you're interested in.

Click here for 21' pools. 

Click here for the 30' pool.


Mootz1 posted this 2 days ago

I see the different options but I am not looking for the pool frame just liner and other mentioned equipment. 



InyoRob posted this 2 days ago

 I was trying to guide you to the different equipment/liner options for 21' and 30' pools. For example, click the link here http://www.inyopools.com/RecommendedProducts/PVEN2154RSRSRL2

That will take you to a page that has equipment and liners for a 21' x 54" pool. Click on the blue links under the item to see the full description of the product. You can buy the items independently from the complete pool.

Mootz1 posted this 2 hours ago

Ok thanks