Pool motor overheating after replacement

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KCal2020 posted this 27 April 2019

I replaced mt old Emerson EB841 with a new AO smith B2841.

I turn it on after installation, and it is much quieter than the old one. Water running, but seems slower than the old one, and the DE filter pressure is in 0

Then it smell like something is burning, but I thought it might be because it was new. So I wait a little bit and noticed the housing very hot, I turn it off and check the temp. with my infrared thermometer, it reaches 150 degree.

I went online and read that the pump would run in high temp if it is new, so I turn it back on and let it run, less than 1/2 hour later, the motor shut down on its own and the housing is extremely hot.

I waited a while and the motor was able to start again. I thought maybe my DE filter was dirty, so I took that apart to clean it, turn on the motor again, the filter pressure is still at 0, the housing gets a bit warm, 5 mins later, the housing is at 170 degree, and the air coming out at the back is really hot, like a hair dryer, ,

What seems to be the problem? Did I get a defective unit?

Why is the filter pressure stay at 0?

Please help.

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HaroldB posted this 27 April 2019

It may be wired for 240 volts and you hooked it up to only 120 volts. This would make it run slow and overheat.

InyoRob posted this 29 April 2019

Yes, the first thing you'll want to check is the voltage and make sure its correct for the motor setting.

Did you fully prime the system before turning the motor on? Did the pump hold it's prime while it was running?

Diazjonathan posted this 02 May 2019

the problem with most pool pumps that are too hot is that something has gone wrong, which is causing additional heat to be generated. While the pump is designed to dissipate heat through mechanical heat sinks and air-cooling, additional heat generated over and above what the pump is designed for can, and will most likely, cause a pump failure.-Jade Perry editior finalscope.com

 There are many reasons why your pump might be generating extra heat

1) Friction

2) Lack Of Airflow

3) Suction-Side Restrictions

4) Pressure-Side Restrictions