Pool Pump Cutting off after 5-20 Seconds

  • Last Post 30 May 2020
MMiles posted this 29 May 2020

Hi All, Earlier this week I removed the pool pump motor to replace the bearings. The had gotten pretty noisy. The bearing install went without issue, however when I went to reinstall the motor it will not stay on. I flip the switch, it comes on for roughly 10 seconds and cuts itself off. It isnt tripping the breaker but is tripping itself (It will not let me switch it back on until it clicks and resets.) I did read on how to properly prime the pump and have ensured all of the wiring is correct both through the before photo I took and watching videos on how to properly wire a pool pump. I havent read of anyone having this kind of issue and am a bit of a loss. Any ideas? Also- when I was cutting the pump on and it was tripping itself after a while the motor did get hotter than normal. However, 24 hours later with a cold motor I started it and it still cut off after 10 seconds which wasnt near enough time for it to get hot.

lwfri1 posted this 30 May 2020

The click you hear is most likely the high temperature motor protection resetting. Could be a rubbing or motor winding issue. Can be checked with multimeter.