Pool pump/heat pump

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Steve1957 posted this 2 weeks ago

 I just installed a HeatPro heat pump model HP21404T that I purchased from you. After installing, I noticed a significant lost of suction and pressure lost at the return jets. Is it possible that my Sta-Rite 1 hp pump and 24" sand filter is now to small with the added pipe? I ran roughly 14' of 1.5" pipe to the heat pump. Thinking I should of ran 2" instead. I don't believe I'm going to have the GPM now for the heat pump. Any help would be appreciated. 

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InyoRob posted this 1 weeks ago

It's possible that the 1HP pump is now too small. Have you run the heat pump to see if it has enough flow?

Steve1957 posted this 6 days ago

Ok. I'll start it up this weekend and let you know. 


InyoRob posted this 5 days ago

Great. Keep us posted.

Steve1957 posted this 2 hours ago

Problem solved. The impeller was getting built up with debris in the pump. Heat pump is working great.