Pool pump leaking

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Froggierollins posted this 02 October 2018

Hello. We have a Hayward Pool Pump i think its a 200 model

We have had a leak at the bottom of the pump since spring. At first it was just a drip and then overnight it got worse and the water level in pool dropped and the housing and motor all got severly over heated. 

We had pool tech come and change everything, however they changed pieces and parts instead of entire setup. And we have had a leak ever since. No matter how many times they change the seals and gaskets it keeps pouring water from bottom of motor. 

I think they only changed the housing, seals, gaskets, and head plate. 

They are now telling me theycannot fix it. And insurance is not covering it.

My question is what can it possibly be?  So that maybe i can just fix this myself.


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InyoRob posted this 02 October 2018

It's hard to say for sure what is causing the leak because we don't know exactly what was replaced. The parts that may have been damaged from the pump running dry are the pump housing, seal plate, and seals. Something must have been installed incorrectly if there is still a leak and if all of those items were replaced.

The first thing you'll want to determine is what parts were replaced.

Froggierollins posted this 09 October 2018

The repair company is paying for an entire system replacement. 

It turns out they installed parts and pieces from used equipment they had laying around their shop. 

Once we filed a complaint with the insurance and asked for an investigation the company decided to make it right. 

Fingers crossed because we are still waiting for them to actually fix it. 

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InyoMatt posted this 10 October 2018

Let us know how it turns out. 🤞🤞🤞