Power to the pump is gone - major and expensive electrical work - need an alternative solution

  • Last Post 23 May 2020
Sylvia posted this 22 May 2020

Hello Experts and Pool owners,

Our pool pump lost power and the electrician said he has to pull a new line underground - major expense.

As an alternative I was looking at Above Ground filtration systems with a self priming pump;

Also, I was wondering if I can add the self priming pump with a power cord to my existing filtration system and use an extension cord temporarily until fixed.  

Is there any pump with a power cord which is made for inground pools?  If yes, do you know manuf. and model?

If no, can I use a powerful, self priming above-ground pump by adding it to my existing in-ground filtration system?

Please help.

Thank you very much.

lwfri1 posted this 23 May 2020

What size pump? Current voltage 110v or 220V?