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Shamim posted this 19 October 2018

I normally clean out the DE cartridge once a month, and after cleaning the psi would be in normal range of 8-9.  Lately, after I clean it, suprime and start pump, psi increases after 30-45 minutes.  

Ininsoecyed cartrdige and they're clean, however are 12 years old and may need replacements.  One of the cartridges had a tiny Year and I found small broken piece when inspected.


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InyoRob posted this 22 October 2018

It sounds like you need to replace the DE elements. What is the make and model of your DE filter?

Shamim posted this 27 October 2018

Where do I find the info? It's a Hayward and has the 8 fan shaped filaments inside.

i can't find the original papers as the previous home owner had installed the system.

InyoRob posted this 29 October 2018

Measure the height of the fan-shaped grids inside of the filter. 

12" Tall - 24 Square Foot Filter Grids

18" Tall - 36 Square Foot Filter Grids

24" Tall - 48 Square Foot Filter Grids

30" Tall - 60 Square Foot Filter Grids

36" Tall - 72 Square Foot Filter Grids