Pump leaking after replacing seal

  • Last Post 24 May 2020
Jpcz01 posted this 14 May 2020

Replaced the shaft seal on my Hayward pump and it's still leaking. Removed the spring, ceramic piece, and even the metal piece that is often missed. Seems to be between the plate and housing but I can quite tell. What am I missing ? It's like a drip, constant, about every 3sec

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BrentPool posted this 19 May 2020

I had the same experience/problem. I did post it here in the forum and sent a message as well to INYO but, rather surprisingy, there has been no response from them. I just bought the shaft seal again. However, while it was in transit, I decided to just change the bloody motors - both for the main pool and the spa jets....

I want to ask them the "mechanics" of the V-Green variable motor configured to run the pool plus the spa jets (currently both have 2HP Hayward pumps): Can it deliver enough power to both applications, the complexity of the wiring (I'm a bit handy but not smart on electrical), etc.... But, as I said, they seem to keep social distance....  ;-)


Mia7580 posted this 20 May 2020

Interesting I have the same issue. Started last year, bought a new motor from here. After assembly I had a slow drip like every 3 seconds. Put another brand new shaft seal in, still dripped but slower.... 

fast forward to this year. Opened pool and right from the the start, same drip. I just got done taking the motor off, checking seal (which was brand new last year) and ensuring it was put together solid and sealed. I will check tomorrow to see if I am still dripping--I have a feeling I will.

BrentPool posted this 24 May 2020

I ordered two more shaft seal kits (which took more than 2 weeks to arrive). I replaced it on my main pool pump motor, a Magnatek Century B130 (2HP, 230v, 56J). No leak but the grating sound continues. Looks like a motor change. My spa jets pump (also 2HP, AO Smith) has a blown capacitor also is need of replacement. I have questions on my options such as if one V-Green Variable motor (27CU) will serve both, the wiring changes, and diffuser/other changes. However, there has been no response from INYO in any manner at all.They are only taking orders and shipping them by mules. I'm surprised with this kind of "distancing".  There is no status  info anywhere at all. Most uncharacteristic and disappointing.