So like a silly nana, after cleaning the salt cell, I forgot I had closed the multi port.

The pump is on an auto cycle. 2 days later I discovered what I had done. So I Set multi port to filter and flicked on the pump. Ta-dah! It ran. Hadn't burnt out. 

Current situation: when running it was leaking from the pipe going into the multi port. obviously the pressure got too much. I replumbed the pipe, now no leak. I opened the leaf strainer housing and the basket was a twisted semi melted "smush" (technical term). Couldn't pull it out without having to break it into pieces. so it got a little hot.

Now when running, it does not fill the chamber with water. And there's a ton of bubbles out of the pool return. 

is it possible the motor is under-performing now after running super hot? Or could the strainer housing have a crack that allows air to suck in but no water to leak out when not running?

any suggestions would be appreciated. FYI - I think I might have bought the motor from Inyo a whiles back.