Pump Still Leaking

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johnwads posted this 5 days ago

i have replaced the impellar and shaft seal  but the water still comes out the bottom of the pump  did i miss something

the only thing different is the shaft seal was a little short i can see a gap between the impellar and shaft seal??

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InyoRob posted this 5 days ago

We'd be glad to assist you. What is the make and model of the pump? Is it leaking between the motor and seal plate or is it leaking between the seal plate and front housing?

johnwads posted this 5 days ago

hayward super spa pump 3500 series      from the gap in the bottom of the plate seal and housing


i have replaced the housing and gasket    and then the impellar and shaft seal


InyoRob posted this 5 days ago

When you removed the old shaft seal, was there a metal piece left behind (picture below). That metal piece should have been removed.

Check out our video below on how to replace the shaft seal.

johnwads posted this 4 days ago

i put the old impellar back on  and i think the new one does't have enough threads to go on the shaft.  so far no leaks


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InyoRob posted this 4 days ago

That's great news!