Replacement Pool Wall ? AquaLeader Reflexion 15 x 26

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LMCS11 posted this 1 weeks ago

Where can I find a replacement pool wall for an AquaLeader Reflexion 15 x 26  54" tall ?  Looks like my 12 year old pool has rust around skimmer with one hole all the way thru adn rust at bottom of pool wall.  Have not yet removed liner to see inside but recommendation is nt to waste $$ as it will most likely need replacement.  Pool structure is good so would like to replace pool wall.  

also how is warranty coverage with Aqua Leader will they cover part of this under 25 year warranty ?


InyoRob posted this 6 days ago

Unfortunately, we do not currently carry the pool walls. We recommend trying

I'm not sure about the warranty. You can try calling Trendium, which is the parent company of Aqua Leader. 514-363-3232