replacing pool light

  • Last Post 19 December 2018
ScottStinecipher posted this 18 December 2018

I have a 12 volt in ground pool light which seems to be leaking from where the elecrical cord enters the aluminum "cannister",,,(I have replaced the lens gasket so that is not the issue)..unit is at least 23 years old (since I bought the house)..question is.. all the replacement lights i see come with various lengths of electrical cord,,is it feasible to buy a new light assembly with a short cord .. cut the cord down and connect to my existing elecrical cord ..

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InyoMatt posted this 19 December 2018

Inyo and pretty much every manufacturer would advise you against trying to splice the cord together. If done incorrectly, you could at best cause a short in the light, and at worst harm anyone that gets in the pool. 

The new lights are sold with varying lengths of cable so you can reach your junction or breaker box. You would also add 5 or so feet slack to your required cable measurement so you may lack to pool the light up on deck for maintenance

ScottStinecipher posted this 19 December 2018

it is wired 12 volt any electricution issues are not a issue with the wiring is that pavers cover the conduit to the 12 volt converter box and I doubt the existing wire could be pulled through, thank you for your response