Right Parts?

  • Last Post 18 February 2019
MLNelson posted this 18 February 2019


My pool pump parts arrive today, and before I start repairs I want to verify that I have the correct parts.

My pool motor model #: K48M2N110

Pump model # SP1615-Z-1-BE

I ordered impeller #SPX3010c (5110-10J)  and diffuser #SPX3021b (5110-09H)

I also ordered motor #UCT1152, wear ring SPX3021r (5110-23A), and GoKit2, although I am confident these are correct. I hope all parts are correct, however I would like verification before I open packages and start repairs. If any are incorrect or incompatible I will be returning them for the correct #'s. Thank you in advance for your timely reply.




InyoRob posted this 18 February 2019

Your original motor, K48M2N110, is a 1.5HP full rated motor. You ordered the UCT1152, which is a 1.5HP uprated motor. 

You did order the correct impeller to go with the UCT1152 motor. 

The wear ring should have been part number SPX3005R (5110-23).

The diffuser should be changed if you keep the new motor and impeller. The diffuser is part number SPX3000BN (5110-09F).

The GOKIT2 is correct if you have a Hayward Super II pump.