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NYMickey posted this 2 weeks ago

I have NO chlorine in my pool.

The salt level on the Goldline Aqua Plus reads 1900 yet the actual water tests at 3400.  The chlorinator is set at 50%.

I cleaned and then had my T-15 salt cell tested and it shows that it is fine.

A pool guy at Leslie's said the salt cell just needs to be re-calibrated.

How do I do that?


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InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

Step 1: Turn filter pump on.

Step 2: Press the menu button until it reads Diagnostic Menu.

Step 3: Press the Right Arrow once.  It should read chlorinator off - filter delay.

Step 4: Allow the PPM reading to settle.

Step 5: Press the Right Arrow once to confirm PPM then Press (+) to save new PPM reading.

NYMickey posted this 2 weeks ago

The PPM settled at 1900 but the pool water tested at 3300

InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

Usually, it's the cell if it won't recalibrate. I would contact Hayward tech support and see if they have any other ideas of what would cause your problem.

NYMickey posted this 5 days ago

 It was determined that the sensor inside the salt cell was bad so I ended up replacing the cell.

InyoRob posted this 5 days ago

Thank you for the update. We're glad you were able to resolve the problem.