Salt/chlorine generator

  • Last Post 01 August 2018
krdl46 posted this 28 July 2018

I just purchased and installed a pureline chlorine generator, i am in question about two things. First is, does it make a difference which way the generator cell gets plumbed in. Reference the end with the wiring, shows installed in both directions. Inlet being the wired end or the end without, which is correct. 

Second item, about winterizing, says to remove the cell and flow switch as damage occurs with freezing. Hopefully that would only apply to above ground pools, as mine is equipped with the thermal switch where the pump turns on @ 35°f. As this is the case with mine, and i still chlorinate thru the winter, i would then just leave the cell in thru winter.???

Appreciate answers to the above if anyone can help. Thanks


InyoRob posted this 01 August 2018

Hello Kevin - We'd be glad to assist you. It doesn't matter which way the cell is plumbed in. If you have freeze protection and run the system throughout the winter, you don't need to remove the salt cell.