Our pool in new (about 3 months old). We had a pool guy do the start up but I have been maintaining it.. I have a Pentair system that I watch the chlorinator with and about a month ago noticed that the salt reading spiked to around 9000 from 3600. I had just added acid to lower the PH and thought that may have cause the reading to be out... the next day it was back down to around the 3600 range.. about a week ago I noticed it was reading 5800.. I though I would wait to see if it went back down but has been reading 5800 for the last 3 or 4 days. Also I noticed when the spa was running there was a stronger chlorine smell than usual. I took a chlorine reading and I am reading in a good range... so I was also woundering if a stronger chlorine smell is a sign of high salt? again though, my chlorine level is reading ok.

I am am at a bit of a loss as too how the salt would increase.. so my first concideration is if my chlorinator is reading wrong. Any ideas?