Salt water system

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Austinkopp posted this 4 days ago

We have a above ground pool. Roughly 11,000 gallons. I would like to convert the pool to a salt water system. What all should I purchase to achieve this. Also, I have a automatic pool vacuum. And I don’t have a skimmer. Should I purchase one? Very clueless to all of this. 

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InyoMatt posted this 4 days ago

The Ultimate Guide to Converting Your Pool to Saltwater

if you do not have a skimmer or a dedicated suction line, then you would not have a port by which you can connect the cleaner to the pumping system. Do you have a main drain as your only suction line?

Austinkopp posted this 3 days ago

I actually have two suction lines. But no skimmer, only filters plugged on the inside of the pool. We have made it so the vacuum can work by plugging one suction line and putting the vacuum on the other. I’m mainly needing info on what all I need for the salt water system.