Separate heater for spa?

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SteveinNC posted this 2 weeks ago

I have an 18K in-ground pool with a spillover spa.  We have an electric heat pump for the pool/spa, but it's really not effective for quick heating of the spa in colder months.  Is there a way to install a small electric or gas heater that could be used only for the spa to get quicker heating?  I can put the system in spa-only mode, but the electric heat pump still takes hours to heat up.  Just looking for some way to make the spa usable in colder months.  

InyoRob posted this 1 weeks ago

Either one could be used, depending on size of the spa. Based on the assumption the spa is uncovered, I would lean toward a small gas heater 100K or 150K btu. The Raypak model 156A is capable of being slaved to the heat pump via the heat pumps control center. Thereby allowing the heat pump to turn on the gas heater when heat demand cannot be satisfied by the heat pump. The Raypak electric E3T 18 or 27KW would also work by being plumbed in series after the heat pump and tied into the spa only mode- that is if the adequate size breaker is available.