Skimmer Mesh Bag ?

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JayKusch posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone.

I have a 35 year old in-ground Gary pool.

When we moved in and I started taking care of the pool I found one of these "what I am calling a skimmer vaccuum mesh bag" (see pic below) since I am unsure what it really is or should be used for - lol.

They way I use it is I insert it into the skimmer where it fits snuggly on the circular lip inside the skimmer about 12 inches down (at least below the bottom of the skimmer basket that can be inserted just fine over the top of said mesh bag.

So when I use my main skimmer for vaccumming, I pop in this mesh bag and it catches all the "dirt" so it does not make it to my pump/filter.

I also use the bag seasonally, like right now in Fall as the oak tree over the pool drops its leaves, acrorns and fine, black, grainy "stuff", under the skimmer basket so that it catches all the fine particals that squeaks by the skimmer basket. Again to stop the "stuff" from getting to the pump and filter.

Questions are:

1. What is this "mesh bag's" proper name and then ...

2. Where can I purchase one as I have been surfing the net looking but finding nothing like it?

The m esh bag is about 2 to 2.5ft in length (see pic below) and then as the other pic shows, has a metal 8" ring at the mouth of the bag.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.


J Kusch

Pic of in-ground skimmer with bag inserted (hard to see I know - lol).

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InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

We would call that a filter bag for a skimmer. We may have something that fits but I'm waiting to get confirmation on the measurements from the warehouse. The part number is SKZ216.

Aquastar ZarStar Skimmer Filter Bag - SKZ216

InyoRob posted this 1 weeks ago

Pictured below are the specs for the bag I mentioned above. It doesn't look like it will work by itself. Perhaps you could sew the old one back together or attach the SKZ216 to the inside of your old bag.

I spoke with a few other coworkers about this item. None of them had seen this exact skimmer net but believe that since it is 35 years old, the company is likely out of business. Either that or they were bought out by someone else who discontinued the product.

JayKusch posted this 1 weeks ago

Thanks for all of the investigating!

Actually, I was looking for second one to drop into my other skimmer to catch all of the particals that make it past the basket.

The original one shown in the picture is in perfect condition. 

They sure made it to last - lol.

Thanks again.


J Kusch

Round Rock , TX

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InyoRob posted this 1 weeks ago

You're welcome. Thank you for visiting!