Solar Heater Question

  • Last Post 09 February 2019
hicks86 posted this 23 January 2019

I bought a house that has a solar pool heater installed already. I’ve had to research to learn how it all works. It had the automatic actuator removed and disconnected from the controller, which I was happy to find that everything still worked when I hooked it all back up. I am curious though; if the pump is not on, will the automated solar actuator still open if it reads that the temperatures are optimal for solar heating? In other words, does the solar controller know when the pump is on or off?

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InyoRob posted this 23 January 2019

We'd be glad to assist you. What is the make and model of the solar control? What is the pump connected to? Timer, Automation, Etc.?

Henry234 posted this 09 February 2019

This is an interesting question. I'm thinking about installing a pool heater, but I can't decide what type is the best. My friend has an electric heat pump and is satisfied with it, but I noticed that today people prefer solar heaters. So, what can you say from your experience? Is it worth buying a solar heater? 

Thanks in advance!