I am new here so if this has been discussed before please excuse me as I haven't found the thread.


i am looking for information about updating my pools control system.

here is the equipment I have -

12,200 gal play bottom pool / spa combo

New Pentair Intelliflo ultra energy efficient variable speed pump 3HP

New Hayward DE4820 DE filter (Using Leslie's Cellulose Fiber)

old (the old square body metal ones, probably as old as the pool) Hayward H Series H250 Heater

Solar water heater collectors on roof

compool LX220 solar control system with automated jandy valve

New Pentair Intellibrite 5G color LED 120V light for spa and a matching pool light on its way from the shipper currently.


pool is pretty basic but it's great in summertime and it does its job. I know I'll be replastering here very soon as I can see the plaster is on its way out.

Anyway, I wanted to find out about the controls. Prior to getting the new pump I had a box and it had the timer dial inside but I no longer use that with the new pump. I just turn the pump on/off at the pumps onboard panel. I am wanting to update the old con pool LX220 panel but don't want to waste money unintentionally by not even needing it by getting a whole new control board. I see stuff like intellitouch and easy touch systems where everything is in one panel and you can control lights and 2 bodies of water, cleaners and all types of stuff but I don't see much about the solar. So what I'm asking is if I were to get a new pentair solar touch or sun touch system, would that be used ALONG with something like the Pentair Easytouch PSL4/ 8 Pool Spa combination, or Pentair intellitouch system? I don't need anything super crazy or fancy. I mean sure it could be cool to turn on my lights from my phone but I'm fine with a switch. What I'm really looking for is ease of use and a somewhat set and forget type of operation. I've seen videos when the type of pump I have talks to the solar system and runs programs like increasing the speed automatically when sun is able to heat the collectors, or I have heard of automatic lights set to come on at a specific time and go off at another each night, etc etc. I'd really like that. I'd love for my solar to come on automatically and the pump be operating at its proper speed when the water is diverted, and if like my lights to be on a schedule, and lastly because I have both a heater (which will be updated soon to a new Hayward H series with digital temp controls cause man I can't stand that guess the temp dial, especially when having to be specific for people with medical conditions who cannot be in waters above 102° and solar system is like them to work together for the most efficient operation and and maximization of my swimming throughout the year as possible.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Thank you,