Upgrading to Sand Filer

  • Last Post 30 November 2018
Giants74 posted this 29 November 2018


My home warranty recently upgraded my single speed pool pump to a V270 Green variable speed pump. My pool is about 18,000 gallons in ground with a skimmer/floor intake and an automatic cleaner intake and 2" piping. There are no water features. I typically run an automatic Hayward Navigator Pro floor cleaner. Currenlty, I have a Sta Rite 3 S7M120 that is old (pool was installed in 2004 and housing is cracked). I would like to change to a sand filter. I have researched on inyo to learn about sizing requirements, but I still don't know how to size a sand filter system to a variable speed pump. The sand filter I am looking at is the Hayward S224T. I want to take advantage of the savings from the variable speed pump. Is this sand filter a sufficient size for that pump?

Thank you!

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InyoRob posted this 29 November 2018

The S244T is sufficient for your pool. It will work with the V270 V-green motor. However, the S244T has a designed flow rate of 62 gpm. This means you wouldn't want to run the pump on a high speed. You'd have to figure out what RPM setting will produce 62 gpm and then program it to not run any higher.

The easiest way to figure out the GPM output is to add a flow meter to the system.

Giants74 posted this 30 November 2018

Thank you Rob for your response. Follow up question, would you recommend getting a sand filter with a higher flow rate say the S270T2? My original thought was I could use the S244T and run my pump at a lower speed which would save money. From your first response, I would get a flow meter to make sure I didn't run the pump at too high of a speed.

InyoRob posted this 30 November 2018

It wouldn't hurt to go with a larger filter. It can handle more flow and since it's larger, you wouldn't have to clean it as often. Plus, the S270T2 comes with a valve with 2" ports.