Verifying pump house model

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 2 weeks ago

hi,  attached is two pix. One is my bearing-failed Century HST150(I have new bearings in my cart), but the other pix is of my pump housing.  It only has the tag on it.  I believe it to be quite old, and I can't find a match for it for this pump.

I installed new pump (this one) last year, but did not replace shaft gasket, hence a leak and the salt water ate it up.  Motor moves water fine, but now loud whine, which has not run very long after this, so I am planning on replacing bearings and gaskets only.  Can you decipher the pump house model #??  and which salt kit gasket to use?  TIA  Tedd     p.s. -the pump house has the square see-through top with four swing away screw locks.....

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 2 weeks ago

And if so, would a PS-4280 fit this motor?

InyoRob posted this 2 weeks ago

We'd be glad to assist you. Could you post a picture of the complete pump housing?

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 2 weeks ago

Here is house pix, however, i took apart my pump, and front bearing is shot...and it looks like pump is toast...

Should I just get a new pump with a salt water shaft seal kit??


tjs27tjs27 posted this 2 weeks ago

tjs27tjs27 posted this 2 weeks ago

I've already ordered the bearings(which i wont need for a new motor) and also ordered gokit3salt gasket kit...

I will order a new ust1152 motor today, but can you verify if the gokit3salt is correct for this? 


Thanks a bunch!!!!!  Tedd.

InyoRob posted this 1 weeks ago

Your pump looks more like the WMC AT Series model. However, that pump can use the same seals from the Super Pump. GOKIT3SALT would be the correct kit.