What Motor Replaces Franklin Electric 1081

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aerospa posted this 05 January 2020


I've got a Franklin Electric 1081 Pool Motor (label below) powering a Pentair WhisperFlo pump for my spa jets. Unfortunately I can't read the label on the pump to know what model it is, and the motor label doesn't say what the horsepower is. There is no horsepower or service factor information on the motor label. The equipment is from around 1993. The motor is the one in the back on the second picture. Can you help me figure out what a replacement motor would be? 




Motor Label

General Pool Equipment

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InyoRob posted this 09 January 2020

We were not able to cross-reference the part number on your motor label. If you can provide us the impeller part number, we can suggest the correct replacement motor. You'll have to open up the pump in order to gain access to the impeller. There should be a part number molded into the impeller.

aerospa posted this 04 February 2020

Hi, thank you for your response. If I open the pump, will I need to replace any seals or gaskets when I put it back together? If so, which ones?

InyoRob posted this 04 February 2020

You'd want to replace the shaft seal, housing gasket, and diffuser gasket. Click Here to View the Whisperflo Pump Parts.