16 Pools That Will blow your mind

16 Pools That Will Blow Your Mind

Today on my drive to work I had the idea of asking our staff to send me a link to there favorite pool. We see photo’s of great pools everyday but these are the best of the best. Below in no particular order are our staff pick’s of some truly amazing pools. Let us know which pool is your favorite or if you have a pool you would like to add to our list then go ahead and post a link to it in the comments section.

#1 Guitar Shaped Pool

Guitar Swimming Pool
This was an easy one for me. Here is a pool shaped just like the Les Paul electric guitar I’ve had for years. Not only does it look impressive but it incorporates all of the features I want in a pool: a large deck to host a party, a diving board, spa, mock-Olympic lap pool, water jets for added fun and one of the most versatile guitars for all types of music. ~Bob Inyopools.com

Location: Ramada Nashville Downtown

#2 Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool
My favorite pool has always been the infinity pool. In addition to being a phenomally built pool, I really like how it uses the outdoors to enhance the overall look. ~ Cleveland Inyopools.com

#3 Nature Swimming Pool

Nature Swimming Pool
A pool by itself is inviting but if you can blend it with nature it becomes a sanctuary. This vanishing edge pool only enhances the already beautiful scenery. ~ Rob Inyopools.com

#4 Old School Pool

Old School Pool
Call me old school, but I really like the classical design. If I am going to be pampered, I want the “old style” with people waiting on me hand and foot. It will never happen, but I can dream, right? ~ Brian Inyopools.com

Location: Hearst Castle San Simeon California

#5 World’s Largest Pool

My favorite pool would be the pool at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile. I like that pool because it’s the largest man-made pool and its’ right on the beach. Can’t beat those views!!!!! ~ Alex Inyopools.com

Location: San Alfonso del Mar

#6 Rooftop Pool

Rooftop Pool
It doesn’t get much better than the view from the Grace’s pool, atop the caldera on Greece’s popular island of Santorini. The hotel, located in the village Imerovigli, between the larger towns of Oia and Faro the design of the pool is a perfect compliment to the amazing view. ~ John Inyopools.com

Location: Grace Santorini Greece

#7 Exotic Pool

Exotic Pool
I love this swimming pool by Lucas Lagoons because of the beautiful palm trees, smooth lines, waterfalls and lighting. ~ Wes Inyopools.com

Built By: Lucas Lagoons Bradenton – Sarasota Florida

#8 Disney Yacht Club Pool

Disney Yacht Club Pool
Disney’s Yacht and Beach club resort is by far on of my favorite pools. The huge large of body wrapped around the back of the resort and on their lake. It truly has a beach entry with sand on the entry way through out bottom of pool and sand bars inside the pool for kids to play. There is a towering beached pirate ship with a 3 story slide into the pool. ~ Joe S. Inyopools.com

Location: Disney Yacht Club

#8 Landscape Lighting Pool

Landscape Lit Pool
I picked this pool because of the shape and all of the landscaping and lighting. It looks really pretty and makes you want to swim in it. ~ Michelle Inyopools.com

Built By: Cipriano Landscape Design NJ

#9 Sir Richard’s Pool

Sir Richards Pool
The pool the main house on Necker Island. My favorite because of its location. You can go wrong with a beautiful pool on a private island in the Caribbean. Possible bonus? Shuffleboard with Sir Richard! ~ Allan Inyopools.com

Location: Necker Island British Virgin Islands

#10 Devil’s Pool

Devils Pool
I hope we weren’t mandated to stay within the realms of a traditional pool, as this is not. This “pool” is on the edge of the falls on Livingstone Island on the Zambia side. During September through December, the river flows to a certain point forming a rock barrier and allowing people to swim around. ~Charlie Inyopools.com

Location: Devils Pool Zambia

#11 Hanging Gardens Pool

Hanging Gardens Pool Indonesia
This pool is just amazing, the location and background can’t get any better. Just the most relaxing, peaceful environment. ~ Lennox Inyopools.com

Location: Hanging Gardens Resort Ubud, Bali Indonesia

#12 Home Theater Pool

Contemporary Pool With TV
The swimming pool and home theater are two areas of the home that families enjoy spending time with each other. This pool melts these two worlds together into entertainment perfection. My passion for well implemented home theater along with clean style and design makes this pool a favorite. ~ Nathan Inyopools.com

#13 Wave Pool

Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool

So far, my favorite pool is the wave pool at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.  The sheer size of this pool is impressive and I’ve had lots of fun with my family there. ~ Sharon Inyopools.com

Location: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

#14 Ocean Pool

Manuel Antonio Costa Verde Pool

I gotta go with the pool where I got married as this pool holds a special place in my heart. The pool at the Costa Verde hotel in Costa Rica is situated in the side of a mountain surrounded by jungle overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it doesn’t get better than that! ~ Patrick Inyopools.com

Location: Costa Verde Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

#15 Crystal Clear Pool

Hotel Villa Honegg Pool
I love a pool with a view and this by far has the best view in the world. The only thing bluer than its water is the beautiful sky that is accented by the Swiss Alps’ snowy peaks. ~ Matt Inyopools.com

Location: Hotel Villa Honegg Switzerland

#16 Extreme Pool

Extreme Swimming Pool

I love a good rush of adrenaline and the pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is the most extreme that I have ever seen. ~ Danny Inyopools.com

Location: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Which is Your Favorite Swimming Pool?

Let us know which pool is your favorite or if you would like to add a pool to the mix then please post to the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “16 Pools That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. I would absolutely love to have a home theater pool. This would be absolutely perfect for hosting pool parties on the weekend. I wonder how expensive it would be to design a pool like this?

    1. It would cost a pretty penny, no doubt, but it would be worth it. I would love having friends and family over to watch the game in my pool. Or it is a lazy weekday, sitting back and watching a soap opera or two in the water.

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