Above Ground Pool Pump Buying Guide

Above Ground Pool Pump Buying Guide

Above ground pool pumps don’t have many bells and whistles, they just need to get the job done.  When it comes time to replace your little workhorse, check here for the details on our top sellers.

Key:  EE = Energy Efficient, SS = Single Speed, DS = Dual Speed, VS = Variable Speed

H​ayward PowerFlo LXHayward PowerFlo MatrixJacuzzi SLRPentair Dynamo
Blog Image - PowerFloLXBlog Image - PowerFlo MatrixBlog Image - Jacuzzi SLRBlog Image - Pentair Dynamo
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What's Special:
Inyo offers a great deal on a reliable, name brand pump. This is one of our most popular above ground models. Our customers report the PowerFlo LX is quiet and performs well.
What's Special: The Matrix has a push button that allows easy rotation from vertical to horizontal discharge and a good size strainer basket.What's Special: The SLR is available with either vertical or horizontal discharge and in dual voltage models.
What's Special: The Dynamo is a proven above ground workhorse available in different models (with or without cord, single or dual speed).
Customer Quote: Pump is an excellent product. Hard worker. Parts easily available.Customer Quote: Consistent performance and reliability - easy to install and operate.Customer Quote: Excellent reliability and efficient.

Customer Quote: As a replacement, this was a great pump. It runs quiet, with good pressure and flow.
HP: 1 - 1.5HP: .75 - 1.5HP: 1 - 1.5HP: .75 - 1.5
Port Size: 1.5"Port Size: 1.5”Port Size: 1.5"Port Size: 1.5"
EE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: No
DS Option: NoDS Option: YesDS Option: YesDS Option: Yes
VS Option: NoVS Option: NoVS Option: NoVS Option: No
Warranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 Year


Import Above Ground Pool Pumps (Sold under various names including Blue Wave, Bridging China, and Reliant)   
Blog Image - Import AG Pump
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What's Special: The price! Because these models are imported, they have a lower price point than the major manufacturers like Hayward and Pentair. They are designed to be comparable to name brands, and a good selection of replacement parts is available. One of our senior techs says, “I think these are good option for above ground pools because in general, most above ground pool pumps are so basic. I like the price point on this pump​.”
Customer Quote: This pump is everything I hoped it would be. Easy to install, quiet running and self priming.
HP: 1 - 1.5
Port Size: 1.5"
EE SS Option: No
DS Option: No
VS Option: No
Warranty: 1 Year

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  1. We had a Dynamo model# DYNII-N1-1. We bought the pool used last summer and do not know a lot about pool stuff. The pump is shot and need to replace but not sure what I need. The pool is 18ft round. 52in.

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