Best Blogs To Follow If You Are a Pool Owner

Inyo Pool’s company vision is to provide the best user experience to every customer through informational resources and products. One thing we take pride in is the amount of information we provide to our customers. And although we have taken great leaps in getting this information to you, we’re still just touching the surface. As a pool owner, we recommend using as many resources as you can when doing research before your purchase.

One of the best resources we have today is the Internet. The World Wide Web is the easiest resource you have right at your fingertips. Still, you don’t want to use just any site for information because, let’s face it, anyone can design a site and present themselves as a “pool expert”. Trust me, we hear about these “experts” all the time. One of the difficulties in using the Web is finding information that is accurate, relevant, and not outdated.

To help ease your search, we compiled a list of useful websites that have very user-friendly controls and can come in handy for any pool owner.  Please feel free to email us any sites you currently use as well. We like to update our information whenever possible.

Keeping Your Pool and Spa Water Healthy

This is a great resource for questions you may have about your water chemistry. The site provides useful tips as well as advice from the American Chemical Society (ACS). One of the cool features about this site is the interactive tool that allows you to compare your chlorine and pH levels to other pool owners across the country.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation is another excellent resource governing healthy pools and healthy bodies. The site encourages healthy living by ‘increasing aquatic activity through education and research.’ The site also provides online training and CPO certification for those interested in basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.

Building Your Own Pool

Although we provide technical support, we often have to refer customers directly to the manufacturer for certain instances regarding installations. Or, we resort to other pool experts. River Pools and Spas provide excellent tips, advice, and trends regarding in-ground pool installations. They are well-known throughout the pool industry and their website is full of recommendations and advice on pool building, even if you decide not to do business with them.

Hands on Experience

No matter what pool site you go to, you will never find the answer to every pool question or issue that may arise at your home. What makes this blog so interesting and useful is the fact ‘Mike’ blogs about real situations and scenarios he finds in the field. Instead of writing about “what-if” scenarios, the blog is like a journal of the pool issues he encounters on the job. He provides in-depth description of the problem, detailed pictures, and how he solved the problem.

General Pool Insight and Tools

As one of the largest companies in the pool industry, Hayward has proven to be a consistently reliable resource for pool owners. Hayward’s blog ranges in topics from pool care to ways you can save money on your pool. Although they do not necessarily provide the “how’s” when it comes to fixing pool problems, their blog does give insight on the “why’s”.

One of the most useful tools on the Pool Wizard site is the pool volume calculator. Sometimes you buy a house and inherit the responsibilities of a pool and aren’t exactly sure how many gallons of water are actually in the pool. The volume calculator allows you to choose the shape of your pool, enter in the measurements, and get an automatic calculation of the number of gallons. You also have the capability to change to the metric system for customers out of the U.S.



12 thoughts on “Best Blogs To Follow If You Are a Pool Owner

  1. Very informative blog especially to swimming pool owners. These kind of blogs are really worth reading.

  2. Thanks so much for a thorough list of places people can go to get answers to their pool related questions. We are always glad to see more places we can refer people to as well.

    Keep it up!

  3. Great article for pool cleaning, it gives us an idea when and where we will clean our spa/pool. Additional tactics on how to maintain our pool clean and safe to swim. Henderson pool and spa.

  4. Pool water is clear but has green algea stains so bad water looks green cannot scrub the liner hard enough to get stains off can you help

    1. In my search for an answer, I found a post on Forum:

      The first step is a good set of test results. You really need pH, CH and TA plus you’ll probably want to get a pool store to test for metal in the water as well. Organic stains usually respond to chlorine. Metal stains respond to acid. You can check the stains for metal yourself by rubbing a small area with a vitamin C tablet. This will lighten a metal stain pretty quickly.

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