How To: Find a Replacement Pool Pump Motor

How To: Find a Replacement Pool Pump Motor

At the moment I’m writing this, Spring is blooming around me. Depending on where you live in US that means lawnmowers are roaring, grasshoppers are chirping, and old pool motors are screeching. That’s right, that old pool motor you were hoping to limp through the season, has lost its last leg and now you have to find a replacement. But you see a scramble of ratings and decimals on the motorWell, let Rob and I show you the best way to find a pool pump motor replacement.

Here’s the steps to finding your motor replacement:

Step 1

Take a picture of your motor label.

Step 2

Go to, enter the Part, Catalog (CAT), or Model number from the label into the keyword search. A little insider tip: this type of part number can be searched using the full length or by using just the middle six digits.

But if your search pulls a few results, or your still not sure which motor you need, we have the next step.

Step 3

To confirm you found the right motor, match your motor label’s HP, Service Factor, and Frame ratings.

And after your search, you’re still not sure which motor right for you, email your motor label’s picture to have service techs help you.

click here to find your replacement pool pump motor

15 thoughts on “How To: Find a Replacement Pool Pump Motor

  1. I just installed a new 2 HP Motor with the exact same 1.1 SF on the label as the 10 year old bad one and both are Century USQ 1202’s, same impeller, etc. With a new filter and no obstructions anywhere my gauge is reading over 30 psi and it was always around 24 with the old motor. Is it true that these newer motors are more powerful and I should step down to a 1.5 HP now? This high pressure cannot be good?

  2. Looking for a replacement pool motor for an Emerson 1081, model number C55CXKLZ-5010, cat nu EST1102

  3. Looking for a booster pump 3/4 hp. The one that’s there now is AO Smith 2-173840-23. Know nothing about this pump, guess I didn’t keep a record of who and when it was installed, have a Polaris sweeper. In ground pool 18/36.

  4. Hello,
    Just moved to a home that has a 24′ above ground pool. It has a Proline SK P712-2V (model #PE71-III-V). Looks to be a 2HP, dual speed (has a high/low toggle), with 3 prong plug. I would like to replace it as it seems old and is leaking. Would I be able to replace it with a variable speed pump? If so, what would you recommend?

  5. I would like to replace my pump and filter. I have a Proline FD18 model with a SK P7115H 1.5 hp pump. I like to stay with the D.E. filter.

      1. Matthew Simmons – if we find out which pool motor we need, how do we find your shop? We live in Kissimmee and want to get our pool fixed!

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