How To Find The Correct Pool Pump Shaft Seal

Whenever you replace your motor, we highly recommend replacing your pump shaft seal as well. Not only does it protect the motor from water damage, but it also secures your one year warranty on the new motor. It’s a win-win scenario.

But, how do you find the correct seal for your pump? Are they all the same? Should you replace other seals at the same time? Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Important Information Needed For Your Seal

Make and Model of Your Pump

Okay, I can admit that it can be a little confusing choosing the correct seals for your pump. From our experience, the biggest confusion stems from the information pool owners actually need to get the correct parts. To order the correct seal for your pump, ideally, you need the make and model of your pool pump. This information is typically located on the pump housing, opposite of the motor. This information has its own separate label.

Unfortunately, the motor information cannot determine which seals you need. Like the shaft seal, the motor is simply a single component of your pump. It makes sense, though, to think the motor information is helpful considering half of the pump seal goes on the motor shaft. However, in this situation, it isn’t.

Here are examples of where you can find your pump’s model number


I Cannot Read or Find My Pump Label

If you cannot locate or read your pump label, don’t fret. There are other ways for pool owners to identify their pump without the pump label. The good thing about the majority of pool pump parts is that they are very specific.

For example, Hayward doesn’t use the same housing for the Super Pump and the Super II. This makes it easier to cross-reference when determining which pump parts you need.

If you do not have access to the pump label for whatever reason, your next goal is to locate a part number on a single piece of your pool pump.

Without Uninstalling Your Pump

Pump Housing

Luckily for us, there are a few ways to identify your pump without un-installing it. If you cannot read or locate the pump information, look for the part number engraved on the pump housing. Below are examples of what they look like and where you might find them.


Pump Lid

If you’re looking for another part number, the strainer lid is the easiest place to start looking. The strainer lid sits on top of the strainer basket in the pump housing. Below are examples of strainer lids and of places you might find the part number.

Here’s another example. This is the lid for the Starite Dyna-Glas and Dyna-Max pumps

Here’s one last example of a strainer lid. This one belongs to the Hayward Max-Flo pump.

Pump Strainer Basket

Directly under the strainer lid is the strainer basket. If you cannot locate a part number on the lid, your best bet is to look at the strainer basket next.

Uninstalling Your Pump

If you’re unable to find a part number on the pump housing, the strainer lid, or the strainer basket, unfortunately, the next step is to un-install your pump.

You can find part numbers on the impeller and diffuser in your pump. However, in order to reach both parts, you will have to remove the motor from the pump housing. If you need help removing the motor from your pump housing, I recommend watching our how-to video on how to replace your motor.


Once you’ve safely removed the impeller, inspect both sides for the part number. The impeller is very specific to the model of the pump and therefore can be a very useful tool to identify the specs of the pump. This is also a great opportunity to inspect the condition of your impeller.

Some manufacturers handwrite their part numbers on the impeller.


Most of our customers have the most luck finding part numbers on the strainer lid or the impeller. The diffuser, right behind the impeller, also contains a part number. Because of the odd shape of the diffuser, the part numbers are more obscure and we recommend having a magnifying glass handy.

Things to Remember

Pump seals and gaskets are small but they’re kind of a big deal. O-rings, gaskets, and seals protect your pool parts from water damage. This is why we always recommend replacing your pump shaft seal whenever you replace your pump motor.

Whenever you need to replace your pump seal, make sure you have the make and model number of the pump handy. Remember, you cannot determine which pump seal you’ve got from the information on the motor label. If you cannot read or locate the original pump label with the model information on it, locate a part number off of the pump. Typically, you can find part numbers on the pump’s housing, strainer lid, strainer basket, impeller, and diffuser,

If for whatever reason you are running into issues locating a model or part number, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help you cross-reference any parts and locate the correct seals for your pump.

41 thoughts on “How To Find The Correct Pool Pump Shaft Seal

  1. Hello can you help me find the shaft seal for my pentair pump housing? Here are my numbers, from top to bottom.

    P/N 342351
    Serial No. 03092780800381

  2. I have a new Pentair C1-271P1 Diffuser and am attaching the Neptune Variable Speed THP 1.65 HP Square flange – What Shaft Seal would I need?

  3. Looking for a shaft seal for Sunrunner Pump. I don’t have the model number. The number on the pump plate that the seal goes in is PPGF30 the number on the impeller is PPOGF20.

  4. I am looking for a shaft seal kit for a century centurion pump. Number on the impeller is SP-1605-c

  5. I installed a brand new pump / motor assembly last year. This year, I had to remove it to replace a broken drain plug (pool openers broke it and tried to glue it on…yikes).

    Now I have it reinstalled, everything is working great but the pump is now leaking. As mentioned, this is a brand new pump…do I need to replace the shaft seal already???

    1. The shaft seal is a part of the pump, not the filter. We would need to ID the pump model to find its parts. That part number looks like it is a Bestway brand system; a company we do not carry parts for.

        1. That is an Intex brand pump/filter system. We do not carry any schematics for them. I’d contact Intex directly or see if the company you bought it from can provide you with part numbers.

  6. Hi, we have an Intex SF70110 and need to replace the shaft seal. The impeller part # is 28647. Any assistance for the correct shaft seal kit size would be greatly appreciated .

    1. I did a quick search of “SF70110 parts’ in google, and quite a few results came up. The second result was the parts manual for the pump and filter. It looks like the parts from the impeller all the way to the motor, which includes the shaft seal, are not sold as individual pieces. You might want to contact Intex or the dealer you purchased the filter system from to see if they can source parts. Because we are not an Intex dealer, my research resources are limited.

  7. I am trying to find a shaft seal kit for an above ground pool
    pump model cs20110-m
    diffuser # 28647-4

    I have an intex pool with the combination sand/salt 2650 gph up to 15,000 gal

    thank you for any help you could give

    1. Unfortunately, we do not carry parts for Intex pumps. Also, most of the manuals and parts breakdowns I have seen of Intex systems over there years, the shaft seal s not a piece sold by itself. Intex likes to bundle their motor and drive train parts (seal plate impeller and shaft seal) together rather than parting them out.

  8. Looking for a shafts seal kit for an above ground pool pump.
    Model # SD-10-1N11AC5
    Serial# SD1007131411
    Think it’s a Waterway model.

  9. I’m trying to find a shaft seal kit for a Century 1081 with part number 0-173840-23 and Frame Number N56CZ. Any thoughts? Cheers. MattJ

  10. I am trying to find a shaft seal kit for an Intex sand filter SF60110. The motor part number is 11807EG. The only part number I can find on the impellor or plate is >PPE<. Thanks!

    1. The parts diagrams I found did not include a part number for a shaft seal. It appears the motor and seal plate are considered one piece. We do not sell these Intex parts, so you might want to go directly to Intex or an online dealer of theirs.

    2. Did you find your shaft seal? I Had mine go recently and think I’ve found a replacement for it. Waiting on a couple from China. It appears to be a metric seal.
      Google “301-12“

    1. If that impeller is installed in a Challenger pump, no it will not. If that impeller is on anything else, I cannot tell you for certain. The pump housing’s make and model is the information most necessary to find gasket and seal parts. Do you have that info?

  11. I could not find any numbers on my Pump. The seal has an inside diameter of 5/8 in.
    the total length with the seal and seat is 1 inch without the seat it is 6/8 ”
    the seat with the rubber ring around it is 17/16 diameter and the seat itself ( the white ceramic ) is 1 inch diameter.

    1. Finding a shaft seal by measurements is not a real efficient way of doing it. Did you look on the impeller, diffuser, or seal plate for any part numbers?

      I have never seen a pump that has zero identification numbers on any of the parts.

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