How To Fix A Draining Spa (Check Valve Repair)

How To Fix A Draining Spa (Check Valve Repair)

If a spillover spa is draining, it’s usually a sign of a clogged, jammed, or defective check valve. This guide will show you how to troubleshoot and repair a check valve flapper assembly.

The Purpose of the Check Valve

A check valve‘s primary purpose is to stop the backflush of liquid through your pipes. For example, when the pool pump builds water pressure in a system to push through the filters, chlorinator, and back to the pool. When the pump turns off, pressure drops, causing water to flush out of the pipes, also called “losing prime.” The water will try to escape through the path of least resistance, usually the suction side. The check valve’s flapper assembly prevents the water from backflushing by closing shut when the water pressure in the pipe stops.

Losing the prime can result in infilter debris (including DE power from your DE filter) will escape from and collecting around your main drain. This sudden loss of prime can cause a backward surge of water to your skimmer that can blow off its cover.

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How to Repair Check Valve Flapper Assembly

Find your Check Valve’s replacement parts here, Check Valve Parts.

  1. Turn off the pool pump at the breaker box
  2. Release pressure from the system using air relief (if necessary)
  3. Remove the Valve’s cover screws. Some check valves may use a simple locknut.
  4. Discard old assembly and cover gasket. Clean the inside of the valve and gasket groove of any gunk and debris
  5. Lubricate the new over o-ring, and place it in the cover’s gasket groove.
  6. Place the cove and flap assembly, don’t the valve body. Make sure the flapper is facing the same direction as the old one. The flapper should ‘s face should butt against the valve’s inlet port.
  7. Fasten the cover into place using the cover screws.

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