How To Replace A Waterway SMF Pump Motor

How To Replace A Waterway SMF Pump Motor

In this video, Hector walks through the steps of replacing the motor on a Waterway SMF pool pump. The steps in this video are similar to a Pentair Whisperflo motor replacement.

How To Replace A Waterway SMF Pump Motor

  1. Turn Power Off
  2. Remove Seal Plate Bolts
  3. Slide Motor Back
  4. Remove Bonding Wire
  5. Remove Back Cover
  6. Disconnect Wires
  7. Pull Wires
  8. Remove Conduit Adapter
  9. Remove Diffuser Screws
  10. Remove Diffuser
  11. Check for Impeller Screw
  12. Stabilize Shaft
  13. Loosen Impeller Lock Screw
  14. Remove Impeller
  15. Remove Seal Plate Bolts
  16. Remove Seal Plate
  17. Remove Old Seal From Seal Plate
  18. Remove Old Seal From Impeller
  19. RTV Silicone
  20. Install Spring Seal Into Seal Plate
  21. Install Ceramic Seal (Saltwater Seal) Into Impeller
  22. Install Seal Plate
  23. Secure Seal Plate
  24. Remove End Cap
  25. Stabilize the Shaft of Motor
  26. Install Impeller
  27. Install Impeller Lock Screw
  28. Install Diffuser
  29. Install Conduit Adapter
  30. Feed Wires Into Motor
  31. Connect Wires to Terminal Board
  32. Install Motor Cap
  33. Connect Bonding Wire
  34. Install Diffuser O-ring
  35. Install Housing Gasket
  36. Slide Motor Into Housing
  37. Install Seal Plate Bolts
  38. Prime Pump
  39. Turn On Pump

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