Inground Pool Pump Buying Guide

Inground Pool Pump Buying Guide

It’s a new pool season and maybe time for a new pump?  For those of you who have found yourself in the market for a replacement, here is an overview of our customers’ (and our pool techs’) favorites.

Key:  EE = Energy Efficient, SS = Single Speed, DS = Dual Speed, VS = Variable Speed

Hayward Super PumpHayward Super IIJacuzzi CygnetJacuzzi Magnum
Blog Image - Super PumpBlog Image - Super II PumpBlog Image - Jacuzzi CygnetBlog Image - Jacuzzi Magnum
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What's Special:
Positive reviews from customers with almost all pros and no cons. Our most senior Inyo tech says, "Good solid workhorse pump which has stood the test of time. Arguably the most popular pool pump of all time."
What's Special:
Gets mostly 5-star reviews and all agree the beauty of the Super II is its quiet operation. It's also powerful, with enough oomph for a pool with water features or pool/spa combo.
What's Special:
Air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damaging the shaft seal and offers a longer-than-usual 2 year warranty against seal failure.
What's Special:
Air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damaging the shaft seal. Our senior tech says, "A classic pump which has been around forever. I like the lid design which makes the basket easily accessible. Also includes a locking nut around motor which makes the motor easy to remove."
Customer Quote:
Best pump in the business. Easy to install and more importantly, easy to work on.
Customer Quote:
Pump is quiet and powerful. Cut vacuuming time in half.
Customer Quote:
The pump works very well. This is my 3rd pump of this brand.
Customer Quote:
Loved the original pump and bought this as a replacement after many years. Very quiet and simple to install. I highly recommend it.
HP: .5 - 2.5HP: .75 - 3HP: .75 - 2HP: .75 - 2.5
Ports: 1.5" for .5 - 1.5 HP; 2" for 2 - 2.5 HPPorts: 2" for all except .75 and 1 HP standard models (1.5”)Ports: 2"Ports: 2"
EE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: YesEE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: No
DS Option: YesDS Option: YesDS Option: NoDS Option: Yes
VS Option: YesVS Option: NoVS Option: NoVS Option: Yes
Extras: Dual speed models include hi/low switchExtras: Includes pump lid removal toolExtras:​​ Unions included
Warranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: 2 YearWarranty: 1 Year


Jandy StealthPentair Challenger​Pentair WhisperfloSta-Rite Max-E-Pro
Blog Image - Jandy StealthBlog Image - Pentair ChallengerBlog Image - Pentair WhisperfloBlog Image - Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro
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What's Special:
Quiet, reliable pump featuring a good size strainer basket with easily removable lid. Also comes in some higher HP models for more demanding applications.
What's Special:
Available high flow or high pressure, standard or energy efficient, and 3-phase. Can be tailored to specific applications for pools, spas or water features.
What's Special:
Solid workhorse pump designed to run quietly. Available in full rate and up rate, standard or energy efficient, and single or dual speed so it's easy to find one to match your pool/spa needs.
What's Special:
Reliable pump has a self-lubricating lid o-ring that requires no lubricant. Customers report this is a powerful pump that operates quietly. Easy-to-remove strainer basket lid.
Customer Quote:
I love my Jandy Stealth pool pump. The installation was easy. It works great. My original one lasted 4 1/2 years.
Customer Quote:
I really like this pump. The Challenger seems to have a much greater flow over my waterfall, powering the cleaner, etc.
Customer Quote:
This is a really good pump, I'm very happy with it ... it's so much quieter than our last pump.
Customer Quote:
The larger strainer basket, cam top and fittings are brilliant. What a difference in flow. Made good use of the pool before the end of season.
HP: .75 - 5HP: .5 - 3HP: .5 - 3HP: .5 - 3
Ports: 2"Ports: 2"Ports: 2"Ports: 2"
EE SS Option: NoEE SS Option: YesEE SS Option: YesEE SS Option: Yes
DS Option: YesDS Option: NoDS Option: YesDS Option: Yes
VS Option: NoVS Option: NoVS Option: NoVS Option: No
Extras: Unions included
Warranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 Year

5 thoughts on “Inground Pool Pump Buying Guide

  1. I liked how you talked about in your video about the importance of choosing the right pump to make sure it generates the proper pressure for the type of pool you have. My parents are planning on getting a pool for their grandkids and want to make sure they have the proper pump for it. It si important to remember that taking the time to assess your situation and consult with a professional can help you find the best system to keep your pool clean.

  2. We are looking to replace what appears to be a generic 1.5 HP pump with a Marathon motor. Our local pool place offered a new Jacuzzi JP-150 installed for $560. They warranty the pump for 3 years. Are there better options out there in the price range? I could find no reviews of this specific pump. No info on reliability etc.

    1. Jason – to clear things up, are you replacing the whole pump or just the motor? If you are getting a whole pump with installation for $560, then I would say that is a steal. I have not heard of the JP150 but have do have quite a bit of experience with Jacuzzi, so I did some research. There is not much feedback on the 150, and I would be wary buying a new product, even if it is super cheap.

      If you want a whole pump that is similar in HP, take a look at the Pureline Prime Variable Speed

      If you only want the variable speed motor look into the V-Green 1.65, Square Flange or Round Flange.

  3. Looking to replace the pump/motor on our pool but not sure the new pumps are compatible with my 1995 Jandy Aqualink RS controller…???

    1. I’m sure it depends on what you are replacing it with; if it is a single speed or the analog dual motor it should work fine. But if you are trying to upgrade to a digitally controlled variable or dual speed motor then it likely will not communicate. those motors have mounted controllers which make most control unit kind of useless anyway.

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