What do I need to control a dual speed motor?

Poolside Chat Episode #46: What do I need to control a dual speed motor?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • How do I control a dual speed pool pump motor?

”I’m going to replace my single speed motor with a dual speed motor. Do I need any other accessories to make this work?”

– CatDaddy44, Inyo Forum

Obviously, when you replace a motor you should replace the pump’s gaskets, but besides those. Catdaddy is referring to switching it between high and low speed. If you are installing a Century 2Green, it has its own built-in controls. No extra switches are required and the 2Green wires up just like a single speed motor. The 2Green is the simplest dual speed solution. On the other hand, if you go with a standard two-speed motor, these require a separate timer and control to operate Hi/Lo speeds and for pump scheduling.

Digital Controls

For a simple add-on timer for dual speed motors, Intermatic’s PE153 is a quick install. The PE153is a digital timer that controls the dual speed’s scheduling and Hi/Lo speeds. The programming is straightforward, and wiring is relatively simple for those us good with an installation manual.

dual speed pool pump motor toggle switch
Pool Pump Motor Toggle Switch

Or if you want to control your pool pump via a remote or your phone you have the Pentair EasyTouch, Jandy AquaLink or the Hayward ProLogic. For example, the Jandy Aqualink can use a handheld remote and/or a be controlled by your phone.

Most of our customers already have a timer, like an Intermatic single speed mechanical timer that turns your pump on and off. If you have one of those, you can add the T106 timer, which basically just switches the motor from high to low speed.

Toggle Switch

The easiest dual speed control option is likely the motor end-cap toggle switch. These switches have a three-step switch that allows the user to set the motor to Hi/Lo/Off. The only downside is that it does require you to manually flip the switch anytime you want to change the motor settings.To figure which toggle switch is right for your motor, type motor model number in our search and the corresponding switch is listed on the description details.

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One thought on “Poolside Chat Episode #46: What do I need to control a dual speed motor?

  1. ALREDY HAS A 115v INTERMATIC timer from an old pressure pump would like to use this and a 220 v. T-104 .. I changed wiring and have 2- black for 220v. Hi speed, red hot for lo speed but don’t know what to do with the common wire for the lo speed ? Can you help? While using the two timers?

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