Product Battle Series: Pentair WhisperFlo Vs. Hayward Super II Vs. PureLine Prime

Out of the Hayward Super II, the Pentair WhisperFlo, and the PureLine Prime, which pump is better? If these pumps were in a battle, which one do you think would reign supreme? There are many variables you have to consider before attempting to answer that question. Comparing the pump’s specs and the performance curves against one another is one thing, but getting an inside perspective and comments from people who have either serviced or owned the pump is another. In my opinion, both should be considered before making a purchase.

One of the most beneficial tools we have at INYO Pools is our customer service team. They all come from different backgrounds within the pool industry and their experience provides unique points of view to any pool situation. They each have agreed to provide an unfiltered opinion on each pump and hopefully  shed light on things customers might not be aware of.

To help customers determine which pump is best for their pool, we’re putting the Hayward Super II, the PureLine Prime, and the Pentair WhisperFlo pumps in a head- to- head battle against one another. Not only have we compiled all the information you can find online about these pumps,but we also have inside reviews from customers and our staff as well.

To help gather information, we emailed hundreds of customers requesting their help. We received hundreds back from customers all over the United States. Overall, I think you will be surprised by the comments we received.

Pentair WhisperFlo


What Pentair Wants You To Know

The Pentair WhisperFlo pump is one of Pentair’s most recognizable and celebrated pumps. For starters, its almond- colored- housing and motor is a refreshing break from the traditional black we are accustomed to. As you can guess from the name, it is also considered to be one of the industry’s quietest pumps. The hydraulic design creates less friction, moving water more efficiently and more quietly than competitive pumps. Less turbulence also results in less noise.

The Pentair WhisperFlo pump has the highest water flow of any high-performance pump, yet still remains competitive in electricity consumption. Because of its efficiency, it often delivers the required flow and pressure using a smaller horsepower motor.

The motor frame has a rustproof, stainless steel motor shaft and sealed bearings that do not require lubrication.

Features and Benefits

  • Oversized strainer basket extends the time in between cleanings
  • Durable thermoplastic pump housing is designed to withstand extreme heat and corrosion
  • See- through lid makes inspections fast and easy
  • Cam and Ramp lid quickly lock in place with a quarter turn
  • Advanced funnel flow diffuser and high-efficient impeller maximize the water flow while reducing noise
  • Available in single and dual speed models


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WhisperFlo Replacement Parts

Owner’s Manual

Employee Comments & Reviews

Employee 1: “The WhisperFlo pump is great, but it sometimes has an issue with water leaking. I’ve noticed that if a pool owner’s pressure fluctuates dramatically, (up and down, up and down, up and down) a leak between the seal plate and the volute will spring. Also, replacing the shaft seal is a little more challenging for the average pool owner. With that said, the overall performance of the WhisperFlo is very good.”

Employee 2: “The WhisperFlo is a powerful pump with a tad bit higher efficiency. It is better suited for larger pools with larger plumbing. This WhisperFlo is more expensive, the voltage set up may be different from the one you’re replacing, and it can’t be taken apart without special tools. You’re going to need an Allen wrench to take off the housing and the seal plate.”

Employee 3: “When it comes to installing the seal on the WhisperFlo pump, the ps-1000 seal will need some sort of cone or PVC to make the installation go smoothly. Otherwise, you will be spending some time getting that bad boy in.  Other than that, theWhisperFlo is a workhorse of a pump. It is probably one of the strongest working pumps for residential pools outside of the Pentair Challenger. Also, in my opinion, the WhisperFlo is not that quiet at all.”

Employee 4:  “What I like about the Pentair WhisperFlo is the overall design and durability. Customers keep their WhisperFlo pump longer than most brands. Whenever I changed out a motor, though,  I always forgot about the impeller screw. So, don’t forget! I’d recommend Whisperflo Pumps for high water flow applications and large pools with added features like solar heaters, spas, fountains, and waterfalls.  The things you should watch for are the unions and the diffuser. The unions are not standard and because of the diffuser’s design, it easily breaks if it is dropped.”

Employee 5: “WhisperFlo is much like the Hayward Super II. It also has the EE Full Rate Version that I favor over the other standard WhisperFlo versions. This pump is the total workhorse that has been on the market for many years. I have heard that they are not as quiet as they are presented to be, but it is a pump that has lasted them at least 10+ years. Pentair replacement parts usually have a higher price point than others.”

Customer Reviews

Customer 1: “I am a commercial pool contractor. I work on large commercial use pools and I have seen the reliability and affordability of these pumps in action for the last 16 years. So when I needed a pump at home, I went with the WhisperFlo.”

Customer 2: “It uses less energy than my previous pump and is easy to operate. However, it  doesn’t play nice with my Compool system, unless I want to buy the interface.”

Customer 3: “It is quiet, reliable, and the design makes great turnover rates for the horsepower. The only con is the way they (Pentair) labels their parts. It is confusing to all but the savvy contractor.”

Customer 4: “Parts are cheap. The housing can be brittle so take care when assembling.”

Customer 5: “As far as pumps go, it’s been reliable and effective.”

Advice From Other WhisperFlo Owners

  • Pentair is a great brand but try and invest in their variable speed pumps. It will save you a lot of money in the long term.
  • Make sure you keep checking the basket for debris about once a week. The less debris, the quieter the motor.
  • Be sure to look at the current ratings as that determines the power it uses.
  • Do not over tighten the fittings.
  • Do your research. You may not need a huge pump with lots of bells and whistles. Figure out your ROI time before you buy. The money you spend may take a while to recoup.
  • Watch the video on installation to ease your labor.
  • Remember to change out the internal ceramic seal yearly.
  • Keep the filter clean and the system works fine.

Hayward Super II


What Hayward Wants You To Know

The Hayward Super II pump is a prominent and popular pump amongst pool owners. In fact, it is probably the pump most pool owners are familiar with.  Personally, I think it’s the name. Unlike the original Super Pump, the Super II is designed for pools with more demanding conditions like waterfalls, water features, solar systems, and in-floor cleaning systems.

It’s manufactured with full-flow hydraulics that allows greater flow with lower operational costs. The Super II allows you to save electricity and money with high-efficiency single speed and dual speed options.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-priming with suction lifts up to 10′ above water level
  • Easy thread design makes removing the strainer cover easy
  • See-through Lexan strainer cover
  • All components are molded of corrosion-proof Permaglass for durability
  • Pump lid removal tool is included
  • Uni-bracket mounting base that provides stable and versatile support, adapting to 48- and 56- frame motors

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Owner’s Manual

Super II Replacement Parts

Employee Comments & Reviews

Employee 1: “From my experience, the Super II pump has a history of having a defect in the design of the pump’s strainer housing that causes metal threads to pull away. This often results in a leak. Apparently,  Hayward has changed the design over the years. It is not a reoccurring issue anymore, however, it did leave a poor taste in my mouth. The Super II has also been known to give homeowners difficulty when removing the lid because of the way it secures to the pump. With that said, the overall performance of the pump and the wide range of models are very good.”

Employee 2: “Super II pumps are sometimes a pain because they break down faster after a motor is replaced. They have a hard time holding in place when the housing has sat for a few years. The Hayward Super II is most known for its performance, efficiency, and reliability.”

Employee 3: “I’ve done my fair share of servicing the Super II pump.  One of the things I like about this pump is the seal on it is the easiest to insert and remove. The easy maintenance and availability of parts are popular bits pool owners love. Also, there are many generic parts available for the Super II.  The only issue I have come across is with the motors. They seem to fail faster and more frequently than other pumps. Keep in mind, though, Hayward does not manufacture the motors.

Employee 4: “Superior performance when purchasing the EE-Full Rate Versions. The hydraulic design allows for lower horsepower rating and higher gallons per minute output versus others. In turn, the customer is saving money by reducing their horsepower, for lower amp draw with the appropriate gallons per minute output. If you are not educated in that department of the pump this feature could defeat you. If the gallons per minute ratios are not taken into consideration, you could potentially pressurize the filtration system, forcing you to replace the complete filter. If all areas are taken into consideration, this pump receives five stars for my review. Also, parts usually have a good price point and are easy to locate.”

Customer Reviews

Customer 1: “Very dependable with zero problems.”

Customer 2: “If you want to save on electricity costs, this is a great pump. It looks like we will keep it for years. I have been through four to five ordinary pumps in the last 18 years.

Customer 3: “This is a good pump. We use these pumps for saltwater lobster pools and the companies around me use the same pump, as well.”

Customer 4: “The price and availability of the pump made me buy it. Another factor was the specific, detailed information about what was a suitable replacement for the pump I originally had. From a customer’s perspective, you always make sure that what you order will work for the first time as you don’t want to have to return something that doesn’t work. Anything that can guide the customer to the right purchase (diagrams, pictures, parts cross-referencing, etc.) is golden.

Customer 5: “It has consistent pump power, but the outer cover rusts quickly.”

Advice From Other Super Pump II Owners

  • Watch the back pressure.
  • Easy to install. If you are an electrician, you will need a good power source. I have a digital timer so it doesn’t run continuously and it saves a lot of money.
  • Don’t be afraid to tackle a pump replacement. It’s a lot easier than you think.
  • Spend your money upfront. It’s cheaper than replacing bargain items.
  • If you’re handy around the house, you can install it yourself.
  • Shop for the price. Seldom do I need to repair and if so, it is usually a seal and an impeller after several years.
  • I use a Schedule 80 pipe in the outlet of the pump. It holds up better to pressure and to heat.

PureLine Prime


What PureLine Wants You To Know

The PureLine Prime pump is an aftermarket pump that closely resembles the Hayward Super Pump. In fact, it is an exact, drop-in replacement for the Super Pump. To be specific, the PureLine Prime combines the Hayward Super Pump housing with the industry’s leading Century motor.

One of the main differences between the PureLine Prime and the Hayward Super Pump is the plumbing sizes. The Prime is equipped with extra large 2 inch ports, resulting in higher flow ratings and longer motor life.

In comparison to the other two pumps, the Pureline Prime is the baby of the bunch. It is the newest and has the least amount of experience in the market. In many instances, you get what you pay for. In this case, though, I think the customer’s reviews tell a different story.

Features and Benefits

  • Costs 30% less than the Hayward Super Pump
  • Large 2-inch ports
  • Quick disconnect unions are included
  • Self-priming and can be placed up to 10′ above water level
  • Quick and easy basket removal with swing-aside hand knobs
  • All components are made of corrosion-proof plastic

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Prime Replacement Parts

Employee Comments & Reviews

Employee 1: “The PureLine Prime, being as close to the Super Pump as I’ve seen, is my personal favorite. The way the lid secures with the knobs makes it an easier  process to remove the lid. The assembly and disassembly of the pump over the years, on-site and in stores, is nearly always very smooth. I have seen no real defects on the design.”

Employee 2: “The Prime is a great addition to our list of pumps. Great performance and runs super quietly.”

Employee 3: “Although the Prime pump is the mold of the Hayward Super Pump, the most popular pump in the pool industry,  we have not received much negative feedback. We have sold hundreds, so that could be a good thing, though.”

Employee 4: “The PureLine Prime is the ideal replacement for the Hayward Super Pump. I would not really compare it to the capability that the Super II or WhisperFlo Full Rates have to offer. This pump is best installed on your basic pools without water features. Overall, I think it is the most economical way to save, on an upfront investment.”

Customer Reviews

Customer 1: “Very quiet and great value. It’s the quietest pump I have owned.”

Customer 2: “Quieter than my old pump.”

Customer 3: “My only complaint is that it would have made the installation process much easier if the instructions were pump-specific instead of generic.”

Customer 4: “Easily installed, quiet, and well built.”

Customer 5: “My old pump was 1.5″, but the inlet on this one is 2″. After I dealt with reducing the PVC fittings, everything worked great.”

Advice From Other Prime Owners

  • It is definitely a good pump, but make sure it’s in stock when you order. Mine wasn’t and I had to drain my pool, power-wash it, then refill and balance the chemicals. Lost a lot of swim time for the year.
  • I would recommend the Prime to another pool owner. It was easy to install and the price was great.
  • The installation instructions are very generic. Call if you need help before you make a mistake.
  • I don’t think they can find a better deal. I don’t know how to make them aware of that.
  • The replacement of the fittings matched my 32-year-old plumbing setup, which was appreciated. It made the replacement much easier.
  • Easy to install and run. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself.

Pump Comparison Table

 WhisperFloSuper IIPrime
Energy EfficientXX
Large Strainer BasketXXX
Single/Dual Speed OptionsXXX
Variable Speed Option XX
Motor Stand IncludedXXX
Unions IncludedX
Size of Pool Most Suited ForInground pools/spas of all sizes with max features.Inground pools/spas of all sizes with max features.Small, inground pools/spas with limited features.
Estimated Price (1HP, Single Speed)$579.99$449.99$299.00
Warranty Terms1 YR1 YR1 YR


2 thoughts on “Product Battle Series: Pentair WhisperFlo Vs. Hayward Super II Vs. PureLine Prime

  1. Hi. I have a small 14 year old pool in coastal South Carolina. It had 4 Jacuzzi Magnum Force pumps in operation. The main filter pump was replaced in 2013 with a 3/4 hp Pentair Wisperflow. That pump was rated at 13.2 amps max, but is now drawing 14.5 amps and tripping a 50 amp main breaker. I have NO local motor repair shops.

    Tom Sayre

    (You supplied me with a Magnum Force 1 1/2 hp spa replacement pump this past summer)

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