what are the advatangwes of an saltwater pool.

Saltwater Pool Video

Salt Chlorine Generators create their own chlorine by electrolysis. This is when the salt molecule travels over the cell’s titanium blades, splitting the sodium chloride into Sodium and Chlorine. The sodium goes off to do sodium stuff and the Chlorine goes on a hunting mission for bacteria in your pool.

This pure form of chlorine means you need less of it to keep your pool spotless, meaning no more red eyes or skin irritation. Plus, the sodium and chlorine recombine to remake the salt, to maintain your salt supply.

Some homeowners ask if it gives your pool a salty taste. Actually No! The saltwater in your pool is a less than a tenth (3,200 PPM to Seawater 35,000 ppm) the salinity of  seawater. Making it just taste like…. Water!

Ok, this all sounds great but the process of switching from chlorine to saltwater has to be a pain? 

We have several articles and guides with step-by-step directions, but the short of it is:

  1. Install your Salt chlorine generator
  2. Add Salt
  3. Enjoy

It’s really not that much harder than that.

So what did we learn today?

First, traditional chlorine like shock and tabs work, but it can easily irritate swimmer’s skin and eyes. Saltwater generators use a gentler and a safer solution of pure chlorine to keep your pool clean and enjoyable.

Saltwater means you can spend less time on work and more on play.

And lastly, don’t be Randy, Go Salt!


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  1. My 19 yrs old in-ground pool was built with galvanized steel walls. I am concerned with the effects of using salt water system on the longevity of the pool. Any feedback on this subject would be much appreciated.

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