Upgrading Your Steel Above Ground Pool Parts to Resin

Upgrading Your Steel Above Ground Pool Parts to Resin

Hey pool owners! Are you ready to replace those old rusty parts on your above ground pool? Wouldn’t it be nice to replace those parts and not have to worry about rust ever again? You’re in luck. INYO Pools is now offering resin upgrade kits for some of the most popular above ground pools.

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Top Rails, uprights, stabilizers, bottom rims, and top/bottom plates are all available to upgrade from steel to resin. There are no modifications required with these resin upgrades. They are drop-in replacements.

And if you have a salt water pool, or are thinking about converting to one, the resin upgrades are a no brainer. Saltwater accelerates the corrosion of steel parts but will have no impact on the resin.

Upgrading Your Steel Above Ground Pool Parts to Resin

Keep in mind that the resin upgrade kits are only available for certain pools. These are not universal and will not work for every pool. If the upgrade kit starts with the same part number as your steel part, you’re good to go.

If you don’t see an upgrade kit available or have any questions, contact us over at Inyopools.com. Inyo has several qualified pool professionals on hand ready to answer all your questions via phone, live chat or email.

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13 thoughts on “Upgrading Your Steel Above Ground Pool Parts to Resin

  1. I have a Lake Effect Metropolitan pool… is there resin replacements for this brand? Mainly the top pieces that go around the pool

  2. We want to replace our caps. – 24’ x 54” above ground pool – Do u carry this item ? Converted to salt two years ago. Caps rusting away Thanking you for your time .

    1. If you would like us to ID the pool or the correct replacement parts. Please email the following pictures/information to agparts@inyopools.com: Size & approximate age of the pool Image of the pool wall. Image of the upright Image of the top rail connection to the upright. Name of the pool (if known). Again, email the pictures to agparts@inyopools.com and our a/g pools parts dept will contact you through a direct reply to your email.

    1. That would depend on the kind of parts your pool model requires; there is no universal resin crossover kit. If you know the make and model of the pool or part number of your current steel parts, we could give you an idea of the cost.

  3. I have a 21 x 52 round pool bristol brand, sold by factory pool, but I seen this is compatible or the same as sharkLine deluxe and I am looking to upgrade the top rails, top caps and post to either resin or something that looks better

  4. I have a Blue Wave Belize 52 In. steel above ground pool by and would like to convert it to salt water. Is this possible? If so, what do I need to buy?


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