V-Thread, Buttress, and Clamp Style Valve

What Is a V-Thread, Buttress, or Clamp Valve?

6 thoughts on “What Is a V-Thread, Buttress, or Clamp Valve?

  1. hey mattew i just purcased a new multi port valve from inyo pools and was ready to put it on my t-450 waterco sand filter and realized it had threads on the valve and i told your guy that it was for a clamp style top mount the part # is prtm128 and where that fits without a bigger flange ,there is no way to tighten it up , so is there anotherflange that makes it wider so this will work please let me know . my order num is60077036-1 i would really like to finnish this, not happy. mr. watson

    1. Chris, I’m sorry we’re having trouble tracking down the right part but I am having a little issue understanding the part at the end. When I pull up the part listing for the Waterco Thermoplastic Top Mount Sand Filter, T-450 I only find the valve on the second order. Looking at the breakdown, I do not see a flange, or a clamp that fits this filter.

      Are you sure your filter is a T-450? Also, the part number “prtm128” didn’t pop up in a parts search, nor a Google search. Please advise

  2. Hi! I need a complete “V” type threaded valve for a Tagelus TA-35
    fiber filter, but it does not show up in any of my search. Would you please help me on this?

  3. I bought a clamp style valve repacement and then realized that ours is a screw on. Would the buttress thread adapter work with it? Thanks

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