When To Replace A Pool Filter Cartridge?

When To Replace A Pool Filter Cartridge?

This article and video will explain several ways to determine if you need to replace your old pool filter cartridge. A key to having a healthy pool is an efficient and fully functioning filter; an old cartridge can wreak havoc on that efficiency and your water chemistry. Let’s start!

Symptoms of an Old Cartridge

  1. Low Flow – Has your return water flow recently taken a dip? A clogged cartridge creates a pinch point in your plumbing, slowing water flow.
  2. Pump Not Fully Priming – If your pump’s strainer basket does not fill with water when primed, it could be a sign of a dirty old cartridge.
  3. Higher Pressure Reading – Read your filter pressure gauge. Is it higher than usual?

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Try This First…

  1. Clean Your Cartridge – Give your cartridge a thorough hose down put it back into the filter to see if pressure problems improve.
  2. Chemical Soak – Use a solution of water and muriatic acid (30:1). A chemical soak should clear most of your cartridge dirt and grime.
  3. Check for Air Leaks – Air trapped in your plumbing causes similar symptoms to a dirty cartridge. Use this guide to check for air leaks.

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Lastly, Check your Cartridge

  1. Cracked or Warped End Caps – Part of the support structure for the pleated material, it’s time to replace your cartridge once these deteriorate.
  2. Broken Bands – The bands wrapped around the pleats ensure they stay equally spaced for efficient water flow. 
  3. Crumpled Pleats – the previous two points- are major contributors to crumpling pleats. High pressure caused by a dirty cartridge or too large of a pump is also common culprit.

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Still, have questions about your pool cartridge filter? If so, leave a comment down below or contact us over at INYOPools.com

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