Old Pump, to New Pump Energy Efficient/ Propeller?

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PumpUpgrade posted this 02 January 2017

Hello. All links are safe. Here is the pump I have: https://plus.google.com/photos/100382470624374213930/album/6371098023292583169/6371098024866922322?authkey=CNugkYfD0-_Fcw

Here are the Specs of pump I have: https://plus.google.com/photos/100382470624374213930/album/6371098023292583169/6371098022097842834?authkey=CNugkYfD0-_Fcw


If you look closely at the larger picture, you'll see some white stuff on the basket housing. It is leaking. I've stopped most of the leak with some plastic weld to get me through the winter. But i still have air bubbles getting in. We'll come back to that hopfeully.

This pump is killing me on energy. I want to replace it early spring/late winter (Dallas, Tx). But I'm not sure what all will come with the new pump. Will the impeller come with it? Will a new filter housing come with it? If not, what all do I need to get?

Here's one I was looking at: http://www.hayward-pool.com/shop/en/pools/res-pumps/super-pump-vs-i-pmspvs--1

but I can't tell if it has an impeller or if it has it's own basket.I think it has it's own basket,  but not sure.

I'm not worried about sizing the input/outpu lines. I can adjust as needed with reducers and increasers. But, if that's an issue please let me know. I don't want to get one that is too small and won't power things correctly.

If it matters, I have a pool crawler vacuum so apprantely there's a booster pump somewhere? I have owned this house and pool for 6 months and previous owner was clueless. No help there. No documentation, etc. So, is there a separate "booster pump" somewhere or is it all supp;lied with this one pump?

Thank you very much for your help!!

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InyoRob posted this 04 January 2017

 Hello PumpUpgrade - The Hayward Super Pump VS is a complete pump. It would come with the basket, impeller and all other pump parts. The size of the lines will not be an issue since the max speed/output of the VS pump will be the same as what you currently have.

The Hayward is a good pump but we would recommend the Pureline Prime 1.65HP VS Pump. The quality is the same as the Hayward but at a more economical cost.

The make and model of the cleaner would determine whether or not you'll need a booster pump. Do you know the exact make and model?

PumpUpgrade posted this 04 January 2017

Very good to hear, thank you. 

I cannot locate anything on the vacuum that precisely denotes make/model/SN, The Pentair Kreepy Kraulyis the closest match I could find. I bought a replacement bag and one-way rubber gasket/valve during the summer using that model and they fit perfectly. I estimate it's age at least 10 years old, but it still works pretty good. Or it did until the current pump filter basket sprung leaks. With the air always in the line it doesn't stay on the bottom. 

But, I think it's the Pentair Kreepy Karuly to answer your question. 

InyoRob posted this 04 January 2017

You may have a Kreepy Krauly Legend. They make models that require a booster pump and one that does not. If it required a booster pump, you would find it near your pool pump. Below is a picture of what a booster pump would look like.

Pentair Letro Universal 3/4 HP Booster Pump - LA01N

PumpUpgrade posted this 10 January 2017

Then yes I have one. Was thinking a booster was somewhere else. My current pump has something very similar to that on the inlet side of it. 

Can you give me a final recommendation for the pump and booster replacements that I will need? Trying to get energy efficient but still get the job done, without crushing my wallet.

InyoRob posted this 10 January 2017

For the pool pump, we recommend the Pureline Prime VS 1.65HP. The VS Prime is a very economical and durable pump.

Unfortunately we do not have an energy efficient option for the booster pump. However, we do recommend the Pentair Letro Booster Pump model LA01N.

PumpUpgrade posted this 10 January 2017

 i'm getting confused. Would you please look at the pump in this picture again?   https://plus.google.com/photos/100382470624374213930/album/6371098023292583169/6371098024866922322?authkey=CNugkYfD0-_Fcw

The picture shows all of the pumps i have. There are no others that I know of. I thought you were talking about the fan-shaped housing on the inlet of the pump. So now I am thinking the pool pump and the booster pump are the same thing for my pool. Right? Just one pump supplying power to both vacuum and pool circulation/skimmer?

If that is the case, you are also saying that I cannot get an energy efficient pump replacement. If not, are there some that are at least variable speed to help reduce power consumption?


PumpUpgrade posted this 10 January 2017

Added another photo; link at bottom. This one shows all of the lines going in and out. Shows the pump (which I now know is an all-in-one booster pump and pool pump. I guess the installers went the cheap route. They really should've been separated.


I can see how to separate the lines so that the booster is being fed a

If I choose to separate the booster from the pool pump I'd have to add another power line. I'd rather not do that. The pump I have now is a fine booster just uses to much electricy. I need to decrease usage to decrease power bill. Here's what I am thinking now...

- switch out the current pump with the Pureline Prime you recommened

- install valves and cut in new lines so valves are dedicated to specific flows rather than those 3-way jandy valves. 

- when I want to run the Karuler, I valve off the main pool filter/skimmer/ciruclation and divert all water to the karuler

If I did that, would the Pureline Prime be enough to handle the load without overstressing it?



InyoRob posted this 10 January 2017

Based on your pictures, it doesn't look like you have a booster pump. It looks like you only have a pool pump. The 1.65 VS Prime pump would be sufficient for what you need.

PumpUpgrade posted this 10 January 2017

So very cool to hear. It's not a very big pool so I guess that makes sense.

I'll plan on making the pump change out and valve installation late winter. Thanks so much for your help!!

InyoRob posted this 10 January 2017

You're welcome. Thank you for shopping with INYO!