Should I cover my pool in the winter?

Should I cover My Pool for the Winter?

A question we get from experienced pool owners who are tired of winterizing their pools and new owners who are nervous about what winter horrors lurk in the coming months is: “Do I need to cover my pool?” The answer that you may not want to hear but I often give is, “It depends.” The reason “it depends” is that each state’s fall and winter are little bit different. Florida’s December is a heck of a lot milder than Maine’s. So, it is hard for me to spitball an answer without qualifying it first, but I can give you a checklist of things to help you determine if a cover is actually needed. (more…)

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Cleaning Your Swimming Pool After a Storm or Hurricane

Let’s face it, cleaning your swimming pool after a storm or hurricane can be annoying. However, somebody has to do it, right? The longer you wait to clean your pool after a storm, the worse the conditions are going to get, and the harder the process will be.

In many cases, pool owners might feel overwhelmed by the damage done to their house and pool. Sometimes, they don’t even know where to begin. Hopefully, you began your search with In this blog article, we provide a detailed checklist that pool owners can use to clean their swimming pools after a storm or hurricane.  (more…)

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