About INYO Pools

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In 2001 two life long friends were backpacking in INYO National Forest. Patrick worked in the Swimming Pool Industry and Danny had a computer background. Patrick and Danny were both at a point where they wanted to start their own business and felt that blending both of their talents would create the perfect business model. The business plan was to provide swimming pool supplies through the web at significant discounts and the customer could do all this from the convenience of their computer.

As time went on and more and more people started to purchase their swimming pool supplies from INYO we realized that our customers not only wanted low prices but wanted answers to questions like "which is the best product", "how do I install products", "what parts do I need"? INYO realized customers wanted answers to their questions. INYO was determined to find them.

INYO's philosophy has grown and developed, but the essentials remain. INYO is determined to find our customers both the answers they need and the lowest prices for their swimming pool products.

INYO Pool Employees

Customer Service Team
John, Andy, Joe, Hector, Charlie, Megan, Rob, Matt, Eric, Michelle

IT Team
Allan, Shelly, Daniel, Nathan


Dave, Danny, & Patrick