Differences in Swimming Pool Heaters

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  1. From what I can see it seems that in ground gas pool heaters go up to 400,000 BTU’s but above ground only go up to a 150,000 BTU’s. Is this correct? And if so, why the difference?

  2. I am currently looking for an inground salt water pool heater. Had a Raypakk 266A heater. Corroded beyond belief by year 5. Pool has always been carefully maintained for proper pH and calcium levels . Bonding wire checked and in working order. The unit has a copper heat exchanger. Any suggestions on what to purchase without reducing heating capabilities?

  3. Hey Matthew – I’m looking to buy/install a 400K Raypak NG heater. I understand the difference with the Cupro model, and the I understand the high altitude and ASME versions, but there are about 6 other models that fit this “Raypak 400K NG” heater that i don’t understand the difference. They are priced between $1850 and $2600 … can you help?

    1. If you could provide model numbers of the “6 other models” I could tell you the difference. Raypak’s models have many varying combinations when you mix and match heat exchanger metals; gas types; low-nox or standard emission; electric or millivolt ignition; and elevation. Usually, the title of the product can tell you how it differentiates itself from another; example “RayPak LoNox Heater 407000 BTU NG Elec Ign – PR407AENC” or “406,000 BTU’s NG ELE W/ Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger – 014941”

  4. I am looking into a heater for and in-ground heater for a 26k gallon pool. I live in El Paso, TX which is about 3,740 ft above see level. I was looking at RayPak heaters, probably 400k BTUs. Is this a good choice.l? Also base on my location which is the exact model I need?

  5. I am looking to replace our heater. We had a Hayward (either 150 BTU or 200 BTU) heater that heated our 18 foot round above ground pool really well, but the heat exchange broke (copper tubes and fitting were corroded) after 2 seasons. Now, we are gun shy. Do you think a 125 BTU heater will be enough for our Michigan weather? Also, is a heater that is not lo nox still safe to use. We are looking at the Raypak 156A Above Ground Pool and Spa Heater with Digital Controls Electronic Ignition in Natural Gas 150K BTU or the Pentair MasterTemp Low NOx Pool & Spa Heater – Dual Thermostat – Electronic Ignition – Natural Gas – 175,000 BTU . The customer service with Hayward was so bad that we are hesitant to buy from them again. Thanks!

  6. Hi looking for new heather have inground pool i have a lochinvar right now heat exchanger went last year and again this year it cost me 1500dollars to replace it and they told me the ine year warranty was up April 27 lol but of course so i am going to buy the raypack 407 cause its a large pool any suggestions

  7. I have low Natural gas flow to my heater ( 250,000 BTU) as the gas line is very long run from my home. I only get 3.5 at heater and heater will not start. Should I get a smaller heater???

  8. I am looking for propane heater for my 21000 gal inground pool. Salt water. Pentair or raypack? Since it is residential, does it matter if regular or asme? Only will use it as needed. Thank you!!

    1. It would depend on the temps you are trying to reach, at what time of year, and where you are located. Obviously, the bigger the heater, the quicker it will heat. For a pool that size, I wouldn’t go below 300k BTUs. But if you have the budget and can accommodate the propane tank needed, I would go with the 400k BTU unit.

      My personal choice of heater brand is the Raypak. I prefer them because the design is so simple compared to the pool heater manufacturers. Where makers like Hayward or Pentair make one line of heaters that have to fit the full spectrum of applications. Those models have to include cupronickel heat exchangers, blowers for high elevation areas, and a host of other stuff. Raypak has various lines for those needs, allowing you to get a heater specific for your install. My picks for you: Digital Heater – R406A – Cupro-Nickel – Propane – P-R406A-EP-X or Digital Heater – R336A – Cupro-Nickel – Propane – P-R336A-EP-X

      ASME is not necessary for a residential pool. Save your money.

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