Reducing High Pressure In Your Pool System

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  1. Excellent article. I learned a lot from reading this. I take care of my own pool and am intimidated at times. This helps me immensely

  2. For singe reason my Dolphin automatic pool cleaner climbs out of my pool and loses it’s prime. When I took the cleaner out my skimmer now makes a slurping sound and my skimmer doesn’t seem to take debris of of the surface. My cartridges have just been replaced. What can I do to get my Dolphin and skimmer working again?

    1. Can you give me the full make and model information for your cleaner? I need to know what you are working with. Because the only Dolphin cleaners I know of, are made by Maytrnoics and they are robotic cleaners that do not require any hook up to your skimmer.

      Also, how long did the main pool pump run dry? If it ran dry for longer than 20 minutes there is a chance some of the internal parts are damaged/melted. Do you see any leaking water coming from the pump? Or is the equipment pad wet?

  3. Hi all,
    Appreciate any suggestions anyone can provide. I have a DE filter system. My system pressure constantly goes up to 20+ after the pump is running for 2+ hours. I notice that when I do backwash, the pressure goes back to normal reading of around 10. Until it builds up again to 20+ after a couple of hours. I also notice that when I put the setting to recirculate, some water goes out to waste. Appreciate any advise to resolve this issue.

      1. Thanks for the reply Matthew! What exactly is chemical soak? I actually took out the DE filter multiple times to rinse it with hose. Wouldn’t that have removed and cleaned the fabric?

        Thanks again!

  4. Hi. We recently purchased a home that came with a pool. Ever since opening the pool, the filter has been running high – over 40! The old owner had the pool open last summer, so I know the filter wasn’t just sitting. We checked to make sure everything was opened and we don’t see an obvious leak. What would make it run that high?

  5. I have the same issues has a person above with the pool pressure going up after an hr or two. I have however had my cleaned at the pool store and then tried brand new grids. The only thing I changed was I had two 90 degree fittings to clean up my lines going into the house, I would think if that was the issue it would have high pressure right off the bat. When I open my filter the upper manifold is covered in DE powder, I don’t have powder coming back into the pool but could the manifold be cracked and I don’t see it?

  6. If the pressure gage is broken will your pump work harder because of it? Mine is for sure broke it reads 20 when the pumps off but, you can tell the pump is working harder because where the jet is it’s making funny sounds. Didn’t have this problem last year but didn’t know if the gage could be the only problem?

    1. The pressure does not affect the pressure, it just provides a reading of the pressure in the tank. Your pump is probably struggling because you haven’t cleaned your filter in a while. Simple solutions to this: buy a new pressure gauge, clean your filter.

  7. I am struggling to properly troubleshoot the high pressure readings on my pool pump system. I have an older style Pentair Challenger pump system with a 2 year old 2HP motor & DE Filtration. So, I have had three system failures in the last 2 weeks: High pressure reading and then noise in the pump. I disassembled the motor from the pump housing and discovered my difuser was broke off at the neck. I replaced the unit and reassembled the pump and motor. After turning the pump back on the and priming…the pressure skyrocketed to 30+ and seal plate broke off and the motor came completely off the mount and ring clamp assembly. I bought the new part with associated seal spring and reassembled. It worked for about a week and then back to high pressure and now a broken impeller. The impeller broke apart at the neck. I don’t get it…what am I missing?

    1. The high pressure could be caused by broken pieces of the pump clogging up the pumping system.

      To focus on why the pump parts might be failing so rapidly: Do you use chlorine tablets? If so, do you use a traditional chlorinator or do you drop them in the skimmer or pump basket?

  8. Thank you so much for all the information here. One question I have, in reading info here it seems that my particular filter and cartridge may be too small. I have a 100 cartridge but should have a 150. Could that cause too high pressure in my system? Thanks

  9. I’ve always had bubbles on the intake side but never had a back pressure problem (the pool is nine years old). Last year I replaced the guts of my diverter valve in an attempt to stop the bubbles but it didn’t make any difference. I’ve wrapped plastic wrap around the connections of the suction side but haven’t found any evidence of a vacuum leak. I have not dug underground yet. Previously high pressure was always around 20 psi. After backwash it would go down to 12-15 psi. Now it never drops below 19 psi after I backwash and hasn’t gone above 21 psi but I get a huge WOOOSH after the pump turns off after running for 8 hours and it blows all the water back through the intake side to the point the skimmer basket is blown upside down. It takes more than 1-1/2 hours to build up enough air to do this as I’ve turned the pump off after that amount of time (1 1/2 hours) and I don’t get the back pressure. I replaced the sand in the filter last year. At the beginning of this season my pump shaft seal went. I assume because this happened and the pump ran too dry. My gut feeling is there is an obstruction on the pressure side but I don’t know if this could be the case (maybe something I did wrong replacing the filter sand). Is there a setting I could try (like “recirculate”) to see if bypassing the filter might narrow down the problem? Thanks

    1. Heya – did you ever resolve your problem? I am encountering pretty much identical symptoms. I’ve just finished replacing the shaft seal to try to resolve, but hasn’t changed anything that I can really tell.

  10. Just moved to a new house and my Hayward Cartridge filter(12002) is missing the air relief tube for some reason. Pressure was at 30psi until I cleaned the filter. It is now down to 20psi. Can I assume that a new relief tube would reduce the air pressue even more?

  11. I have a High Pressure reading accompanied by a loud noise coming from the filter canister…not the pump. What can be causing this loud “squeal”?

    1. That is hard to say because those two symptoms are contradictory. Usually, if there is a hissing or squeal noise sourcing from the filter, the issue is an air leak. But if there is an air leak, the pressure in the filter will dip, not rise. Can you pinpoint where the squeal is coming from in on the tank? Also, what type of filter is it, sand, DE, or cartridge?

      There may be a blockage causing a restriction in low, which would spike the pressure and maybe create a noise.

  12. Hi,
    My sand filter pressure keeps rising slowly – going up 2-6 psi in 24 hours and I can’t figure it out! I replaced the sand, inspected the laterals, and backwashed multiple times. My water looks good and I ran it on recirculate for 24 hours with no rise in pressure, so pipes should be clear. I don’t seem to have a leak. What should I try next? Everything seems normal except the pressure rise.

    Thank you!

    1. First, I would confirm that you put in the correct amount of sand. If you put in more sand, the water will not move as efficiently as it should. If you are opening the pool, there may be some remnants of the months of inactivity. I suggest using a flocculant just to clear everything in one fell swoop. If flocculant does not clear up the problem, I would recheck the water chemistry levels.

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