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Jandy AquaPure Error Codes

Whenever you make a high- value purchase, you never expect anything to go wrong with it, at least not right away. As consumers we assume that the more expensive a product is, the better the quality, and therefore the longer the lifespan. The logic seems legit to me. The only downside to a product failing further down the line (as opposed to earlier) is sometimes you can’t find the manual or any matching paper work to help you either with the warranty or to diagnose the issue.

It becomes especially difficult if the product, like the Jandy AquaPure Chlorine Generator, only displays an error code, but not necessarily what the error code means nor solutions to the problem. If you purchased the unit a year ago, it’s quite possible you may have misplaced or thrown out the manual. How will you diagnose the issue then?

Here at INYO Pools we come across this situation a lot. Customers call with error codes, but they are unsure what they actually mean or even how to proceed to fix the issue. With that in mind, we wanted to create an easier way for homeowners to diagnose their Jandy AquaPure. Let’s explore the codes, their meanings, and possible solutions together.


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