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Now that winter is approaching, more and more pool owners are gearing up to prepare their pools for the winter season. Winter covers and air pillows have become an important part of the winterization process. It’s easy to size your pool cover, but what about your air pillows?

This blog serves as a guide to assist pool owners with sizing their pool air pillows and to help them decide how many air pillows to purchase this season.

Do I Really Need Air Pillows?

I’ll be honest, a lot of pool installers do not recommend buying air pillows. They believe air pillows do not provide any extra benefits. However, if you live in an area where temperatures can get below freezing, we think that they certainly can.

Air pillows compensate for the extra rain, snow, and debris that accumulate during the winter months. This is why air pillows are often referred to as “ice compensators.”

The air pillows under your cover create a gap between the water and the bottom of the cover. Once ice and rain press down on the cover, the ice expands inward towards the pillow. Without air pillows, ice expands outward, putting more pressure on your pool walls. This causes damage to the pool walls, liners, and cover.

How Many Air Pillows Do I Need?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t need many air pillows. Air pillows are most effective when they remain in the center of the pool. They become less effective when they float around the pool. Below is a chart showing the recommended air pillow size for above ground pools. Find your pool size and the recommended number of pillows. If you’re using air pillows this season, send us a picture! We’d love to share it!

Pool SizeSuggested Air Pillow SizeMax Air Pillow Size
12' Round
15' Round
4' x 5'4' x 8'
18' Round4' x 8'(2) 4' x 5'
21' Round
24' Round
4' x 8'4' x 15' or (2) 4' x 8'
27' Round
30' Round
33' Round
4' x 15' (2) 4' X 15'
8' x 12' Oval
8' x 14' Oval
8' x 16' Oval
8' x 19' Oval
10' x 15' Oval
10' x 16' Oval
10' x 18' Oval
4' X 5'4' X 8'
10' x 19' Oval
10' x 21' Oval
12' x 16' Oval
12' x 17' Oval
12' x 18' Oval
4' X 5'4' X 8' or (2) 4' X 5'
12' x 20' Oval
12' x 21' Oval
4' X 8'4' X 15'
12' X 24' Oval
12' X 27' Oval
14' X 20' Oval
15' X 23' Oval
15' X 24' Oval
15' X 26' Oval
4' X 8'4 'X 15' or (2) 4' X 8'
15' X 30' Oval
16' X 26' Oval
16' X 32' Oval
4' X 8'4' X 15'
18' X 33' Oval4' x 15' 4' x 15'
18' X 40' Oval
21' X 43' Oval
4' x 15' (2) 4' x 15'

7 thoughts on “Pool Air Pillow Sizing

  1. People talk about the pillow compensating for expansion of freezing water. Here’s another view from experience. I didn’t use the pillow one season and the weight of frozen ice on top of the cover pulled the pool wall in collapsing the pool. (Not sure what happened but the water level inside got lower than it should have)

  2. I have a soft side 16′ above ground pool in Tennessee, im a first time pool owner how do I properly winterize and close my pool please?

    1. Clean pool, balance chems, if you have flex hose for your lines disconnect skimmer hose from pump and lay the end away from the pool. Make sure to plug the skimmer before you remove hose. Plug return line and disconnect the hose. Take little plastic plugs off your pump, filter, and possible sanitation system. Cover pool and take plug out of skimmer and the water will drain out that hose until it gets to that level. Key is to have everything unplugged at the system and no water in the lines. If you have hard plumbing you will have to figure out how to drain everything properly.

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